I made a feedee girlfriend OC bot on caveduck.io

I made a feedee girlfriend OC bot on caveduck.io

I tried asking for some tips about how to make feedee bots but I didn’t get any replies. This bot was tested in sillytavern and I hamfistedly converted it to caveduck.io and maybe I did a good job and maybe I did not.

EDIT: Oh dangit, all my example dialogue that was character only without a user message got deleted automatically… tavern characters allow that format, but I guess caveduck doesn’t, so half my example dialogs got deleted…
EDIT2: redid them, now there are 20 examples instead of 9.
Also, one bit of feedback I’m especially keen on is… can you roleplay a female? I did all the testing as a male, then removed all male pronouns… if the AI still forces you to be a male, I might as well add the male pronouns back in for consistency… but if this tweak has enabled lesbian-ism with only a few edits? then who am I to stand in the way…


I don’t really have the know how on keeping a bot on track when asking it to perform tasks I’ve never considered before. I have learned though that stopping and editing a bot’s response will teach it to stop making the same mistake, but it is still tedious and immersion breaking.

I only tested my design for malePOV, because well, that’s my own personal usage case. But I don’t see any reason actually that the bot should lock users into malePOV…

In theory bots that warn that they do not support femalePOV and are malePOV only… will have used a large number of male pronouns in the examples used to create the character card.

So, I tried to edit them out, but I am not sure what the consequences really are.

Giving the bot less information about gender pronouns could result in the malePOV being much worse and the femalePOV barely functional. Without guiding input from the character design in the form of examples of how to use pronouns the bot could end up randomly mixing up pronouns.

Character designs aren’t long or complicated, but neither are bot’s as smart as they pretend… Therefore teaching one character card, two different things… that the user is either male or the user is female. Will result in some confusion and worse performance.

This is actually a relatively large problem specifically on sites like caveduck.io because the user can’t just clone/fork the character design and then edit it themselves to convert malePOV to femalePOV. Forcing a gender for the user is easy, and editing it is easy, but only sites like chub.ai actually allow users to clone other’s cards for editing.

TLDR: I need someone who likes taking on the role of a female user on caveduck.io and has run into struggles getting other bots to stop calling them he… to then give mine a try and lemme know if it’s worse/better/same.

TLTLDR: Starting a conversation being yourself consistent in the form/syntax you want to see back from the bot is noticeably effective. But I’m totally new to caveduck.io as I vastly prefer sillytavern’s features. There’s probably some tips and tricks and meta to caveduck.io I’m unware of.

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Dude she gains weight incredibly fast. Not complaining just find it funny.

if you mean the images that’s because the keywords to fire the images are very common basic words, but I figured whatever, she’s not a blimp in the final image anyways, eh? I figured if I used obscure terms to unlock the images people would never see them. But maybe that was a false worry.

Plus keywords for images is something I cannot see on other bots, it’s not public information, and I have no idea how others set up the images on their bots…

Speaking of hidden character design settings, here’s most/all of Rowan’s

feel free to provide tips on what I should set the images keywords to, to make them harder to unlock

A main reason for “gains weight” super fast is that uh the whole image system on caveduck.io is mildly unique, totally undocumented.

I knew how to design the other sections of a character because they’re standardized.