I made a few bots on Spicy Chat.

I made four Spicy Chat bots: I’m interested to see what people think. None of these characters should suggest vore until you do. They should be positive and excited in supporting your weight gain. They should never try to eat you, or offer themselves up as food.

Nicole & Megan (two roommates who want to feed you): https://spicychat.ai/chat/75880d29-bec5-4475-abb2-9b9be74f409e
Laura & Danni (two different roommates who want to feed you): https://spicychat.ai/chat/26917022-4700-46cc-93c2-96a27690cd25

Molly (A girl you met on a feedee site who wants you to gain): https://spicychat.ai/chat/7dfa963f-6793-4e15-85d6-be28a76e5b62
Matt (A male version of Molly): https://spicychat.ai/chat/356b8fa2-4336-4257-ab24-4d13cda15eee

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The last two work but the first two seem set to private or they’ve been deleted ?