I Made a little inflation Game!

Today I got the idea to make an inflation game. So I did. I used scratch because i don’t know how to use Game Maker Studio or any other game engines. I do plan on learning Game Maker Studio though.

The game is very simple. Just inflate Miki by pressing the space key until her belly is big and round.
I used premade scratch backdrops and different game assets i found on itch.io.


Let me know if you like this game or if you have suggestions on what i could add.

You can download the game here:


Well done on the project, im looking forward to seeing what you make in the future :slight_smile:

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Any images or such you could add to the first post?


I can do that tomorrow. I’m not on my pc right now so i can’t do it now.

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There is a way you can get your game onto Itch to get it in front of more people with easier access :slight_smile:

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Yo thank you! I will try this once the game is a bit further developed.

This is a good game, if you’re looking to publish this to itch.io, try using turbowarp.org’s packager. (packager.turbowarp.org). It has a bunch of features and stuff like that.

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I added some screenshots now.


What should I change in the file to open it?

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you need to open scratch in your browser or install the desktop app and then import the file into your project. idk if i can put the game on the scratch servers or if it will be taken down.