I made an oopsie

So as I am sure many of you have noticed, all the links to my mods are down. The reason for this is because I am very much a buffoon. I deleted the old email I used to store those mods, and of course since I bought a new PC I have no copies of any of my mods. I am now requesting that if anyone has the zip file of my entire “Big Fat Sims 4 Mod Pack” that they send it to me so I can reupload it for everyone to enjoy.


Sorry to hear this. Sadly I’m someone who was asking around for your mods not someone who already has a copy, but hey, maybe someone will take pity on us both :smiley:

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Hang on. What happened to the drives in the old PC? By ‘deleting’ the email address do you mean deleting the local records of the email address, or closing it altogether?

As long as the physical drives still exist, it’s more than possible to transfer data over with the right tools.

if you haven’t gotten copies yet I have all of them other than the female only gain virus

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as someone who’s been lurking for weeks waiting to see if these got fixed, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. i’ve wanted to play with so many of these mods but keep reaching dead-ends.

Unfortunately I don’t have the whole pack, I only have the expanding waistline, the lot trait, the ravenous trait and the gain.

I had them stored on google drive, and realized later that I didn’t have them stored locally anymore either.

It would be awesome if you could message me those copies so I can reupload them

Yep. Never rely on the cloud. If you don’t have a hard copy somewhere, you lack control over the data. I’ve also learned to store vital documents in triplicate the hard way. :sweat_smile:

When you say you deleted the e-mail did you accidently delete the actual Google account? If it wasn’t that long ago (and you can remember your account credentials) you may be able to recover the account.

I don’t have any of your mods themselves (I never got around to playing Sims4), so this is the best that i can offer.

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Do you still need the zip file? I have a copy.

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I would like to see if I could get the fat mod to work also could you send it to me?

Thank you

Hi. Bearing in mind that EA has made several updates and patches since then, I rather think that most of those old mods will probably not work any more. I do have quite a few suggestions for you - I don’t know obviously where you are in terms of fat Sim creation. I will put together a few that I use tomorrow, hopefully, which I hope will be useful to you. If you could email me directly (not sure if that is actually possible) then I need not take up too much space on this forum. Could you email me on beesociety@aol.com please?