I need help finding a game

Hello I am Scabbers and I need help finding a game. First things first I am pretty sure it started with an A… alot to go off of i know, but it also had a pretty long character customization. Oh and it is like a text adventure game but it isn’t co.adventure or whatever. and um I am also pretty sure it was weird to actually get and play because you had to go to their website to download the game a stuff it was really confusing at least for me… whelp that is all of the info I have right now, it’s fine if your like bro wtf this guys is giving us like nothing to go on, so um yeah.

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That’s, uh… quite honestly the worst description I’ve ever read. I’m not trying to be rude, I swear, but that is REALLY not much to go on.

Do you have any other details to work off of? What kind of game was it, for example? You mentioned it was text based, but do you remember anything else about it? Was it a male or female protagonist? Feeder or feedee focused? College aged? Work place oriented? Life sim? Short, self contained adventure? Real world? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Original characters, or fan fiction?

Any and all details you remember, however small, would be very useful. “Probably starts with an A and required a download” is far, far too vague.

Um fantasy I am really drawing a blank here sorry i am so fucking stupid. I also haven’t played in years so yeah.

There is the one list on the site, “A User Maintained List of Games.” It’s a fairly long list, so what you’re looking for might be on there. Sorry I can’t do better than that.

it’s ok I honestly dont care it was futile effort anyway.

My best guess is Tainted Elysium, even though that doesn’t start with an A. Incidentally, the developer’s name (Atticus-Arc) does.
See if this screenshot rings a bell:

Otherwise, anything else you can recall would help.

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“Fantasy text adventure”, “lots of customization” and “really confusing to the point of not remembering anything” sounds like Boundless to me. Even if the first letter of the name is a total mismatch, it’s close alphabetically?
Age Check is the current mirror.

Hmm i don’t think that is it but I do really wish the Devs would pickup tainted Elysium again.