I need help with the Fo4 cold steelj mod


I did as much as I could, and I did it correctly, but when I use body slide and go to the coldsteelj group, it doesn’t show any outfits other than the nude ssbbw body, and i downloaded all of the archives twice, but none of them seem to have the vanilla outfits for Fo4, maybe I’m just messing up something in body slide, I don’t know. If anyone could help, I would be very grateful.

Did you download any armour replacers? He didn’t make any for vanila so you need at least one.

No, I didn’t even know that I needed one, I thought all I needed was the original archives, I dont even know where to get the replacers.

He links all of them in the instructions. Step 6. It’s not clear that you need at least one. He should fix that.

Actually you know what, @coldsteelj we have a complaint to lodge

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Quoting from the mod description

  1. Download and install this armor and outfits which adapted for this weight gain mod (you can install only those which you want to use with mod):

I’m sorry but I do not know how he could have been clearer or what else this step could have been interpreted as.

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What you’re looking for is here

Click the image that says
Fallout Vore Project:
Vanilla Outfit Overhaul
Click here to download
to download the bodyslide group/outfit conversions that added tons of sliders (including ColdSteelJ’s) to vanilla outfits. This may take a minute or several depending on your interwebz. This is separate from any of the Vore mods and is only the outfits.
Install with your mod manager/method of choice, then make sure to go thru Bodyslide with the proper group (Vore Armor Batch Build) and Batch Build to your desired baseline with Build Morphs ticked.
(note: a couple of items wouldn’t properly be built in game for me until i found them grouped under “Unassigned”. If your unassigned has a bajillion things in it, the items are easily found bc of the naming convention- “Vore - Combat Armor - Arm Heavy L (SSBBW3)”, etc )
I didn’t like all the skimpy replacers and stuff and after a ton of searching I found this. I haven’t installed/don’t use a Vore mod for FO4, but it works just fine with Coldsteel’s mod provided you batch build the outfits properly.
Hope this helps

I’m incredibly sorry, I feel very dumb right about now. Also, nice baiken pfp

It could be interperated as you don’t need any of them if you don’t want them.

If that was the case than it wouldn’t have been step 6. It would have gone directly to step 7 and that would have been labeled in some way as entirely optional.

Like basically any other mod with an optional step.

Regardless, you shouldn’t be @-ing a mod author - one whose first language is not English - in a really snarky way to complain about theoretical poor wording. It’s rude and not how you get help.

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