I think the snake game has some potential.

Yes, this is what I finally made an account to talk about.

It’s one of the most eponymous video games of all time, about a snake who eats and eats and gets bigger theoretically infinitely. It’s more surprising that there hasn’t been some kind of weight gain variation of it.

I’m not exactly a programmer, but I do have game maker studio 2. Maybe I’ll just need to be the change I want to see in the world and do this kind of thing myself. I presume Snake is a relatively simple game…? And if it isn’t then I’m sure in for a surprise.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you’d have about such a thing.


I’m interested to see how you’ll implement width getting in the way of movement instead of length!

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How would it work? do you have some idea of it?

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Well, this is more like pondering than actual concerted Game Development, but I think Chubberdy has about the same idea as I did. That said… it wouldn’t really work as a game if you only grew in width, so you’d still have to progress in length as well, like in traditional snake. Perhaps every 5 or so progresses in length would become a progress in width…

would it have a limit? since you could get infinitively fat if you just could keep going until the end of the times.

I suppose the limit would just be however big the map is, like in a regular snake game, because if the map is infinitely big then food could spawn anywhere and it sounds like a headache. So the “win condition” would still be filling the map. The question I have to answer is then, how would width increasing affect how you fill the map?

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maybe your fat snakey body could get fat to a point where you can’t move around the map anymore and so someone gets you out and you live now with somebody, maybe the game could have different endings depending on how fat you are, every other ending that wouldn’t be from filling the entire map are considered like a game over, but with a special image, if you lose being skinny, you get like the worst ending, and so on with the rest of fat levels, the “best ending” that isn’t a game over is the ending where you fill the entire map, maybe it has some cutscene instead of just an image.

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The game is simple enough but maybe you should try to make characters snakes and maybe at the end you could show their real form at the endings like the 3d snake game on the Google play store does

a fat Lamia feasting game, a Lamia finding food and eat in a maze, have some wall can be brake but need to get fatter to do it.

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I think that the reason it haven’t been made is because most people don’t get that fat snakes are great.
there might be a problem with 90° turning if the snake is wider than one tile so having the snake do turns more like a car would probably be easier to make (you would probably need to make the turns wider as you get bigger so you don’t just run into yourself)


snake but you get wider instead of longer?
sounds like a cute idea but nothing much of a game


Yeah, it’s not gonna be the next 5 hour grand indie odyssey or anything if I am making it, because I’m not that kind of game creator, skillwise or timewise.

And they’re certainly missing out.

See, that’s really smart. I hadn’t considered totally doing away with the tiles system, but now that I’m thinking about it that would work much better.

How about a level based thing where you at the end of each level offload extra bits into someone somewhere?

Could have a city building element, where you upgrade (fatten) people and they take the role of buildings in those bad phone games where you need to wait days to have an upgrade finish. They could then contribute to powers the snake has.

I am thinking some kinda ####-bead looking slime-snake that with the correct upgrades can re-try at the cost of a single bead in the other direction. On game over, just return to the slime caves where either slime girls or captured humans await.

The death condition is having all the available beads be “tainted” by repeatedly bumping into things and turning the other way. No loss in terms of fattening potential, but being able to know when to stop yourself could get some extra stuff.
Maybe perfect games at slowly harder to reach lengths could give you more characters to fatten?

There’s this: swfchan: Wheel of (Mis)Fortune - Flash Game by illionore.swf
…kinda. Comes with some fetish stuff, and you only really play the snake game to earn currency.
If you want to play it, you’ll have to dig up one of the few ways left to play Flash games, tho.

EDIT: Looks to be an older copy of the game. I was planning to link the newest version, but the game’s dev wiped all their Flash content off their dA, which is especially weird since they didn’t bother to hand out the paid codes for the games, first, leaving the scattered copies around the internet full of content we can’t access without decompiling the codes from them.

It really does make sense! It’s not even the act of the snake growing larger; there’s the ever-increasing pace of the food dots appearing, twinned with the diminishing available space which in the end game has the insatiable snake gorging near-constantly with no signs of slowing down…

Truly, the eponymous Snake is one of the quintessential gluttons of videogaming! :smile:

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I don’t know, but i’d really love to see a fat snake game.

you know the whole Turning aspect could be removed if instead of a a Box to move down its more like a road. maybe having obstacles in the way that getting bigger lets you push them out the way. then again that removes the length aspect. though if done smoother then straight turns like the old game turning would not be as much of a problem

The only problem with the snake game that I know of is that, if the snake gets too long and makes a wrong turn, they could end up crashing into themselves.