I think you guys should post WG games on steam.

Not only would that encourage other wg and fetish creators more incentive and confidence on what they do but it would also give us as a community more presence that could even help us grow.

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IIRC some creators on this site have posted their games on steam, but I’m not sure which

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i’ve only seen tribal huntes do it.

also mods are fair ground in the workshop

I think the biggest issue with the fetish games being on steam is that steam and discord love to share the games you’re playing with everyone you know, which can be a bit awkward when it comes to fetish content. Tribal Hunter can pull off the effort/risk because it’s fairly tame and really really high quality, but a good chunk of the other games here are a bit more blatant.


Well there is Panic Diet, although the focus for it is mainly weight loss.

A lot of games(Some Bullshit, Stuffing RPG, etc) use licensed music or images that could get us into trouble on steam.


Posting on steam costs a pretty penny and from what I’v seen, a lot of games on here do not have the budget for that.
Especially since the games target a niche market so recouping costs is unlikely.


Apologies for making a mess of the thread, I’m cleaning up, heh.

Dropping your v0.1.3 fetish game onto Steam is just a quick way of not really accomplishing much, like dumping a bucket of water into the ocean, there’s already too many shovelware porn games on there and it’s unlikely that being on there will really attract any new players. Uploading your game there just means extra work, and paying the one-time fee to get on, with the strong possibility you might not get your deposit back.
If a content creator of a reasonably-smallish game really wants to get their game on the internet, they should just use itch.io and host their stuff there, as the site is smaller, simpler, easier to link, more private, and you can still sell your game just as easily, if you want to.

Kobold Kare just went through something like that, funny enough. A lot of their assets required attribution, so even though they’re on Steam, they couldn’t make the game open source like they wanted to, so they had to go through and gut out all the assets that might get them in trouble, just to free up the code and make it legal to give away the source code. Still seemed like they struggled with that for a while, though.

Yeah, $100 deposit to submit, which the content creator gets back if they ever make a certain amount of money, $1500, I think. Outside of that, it’s free, and the only real rules for Steam these days is “no rape and no racism”, as far as I know.

Tribal Hunter’s main character is a massively “fat” furry dude, which is more than enough to scare off 99% of the average friends and family that regular people have on their friends lists. TH’s easily able to pull off the effort/risk because it has such a huge fanbase already that even just the furries that followed them to Steam would probably put them over the $1500 mark alone.


Yeah, I feel Tribal Hunter’s success on Steam is very much the exception and not the rule for other fetish games to follow.

There’s something about attempts to legitimize fetish games on mainstream platforms that makes me feel uneasy. Sure one could argue that Steam is rife with adult and H-games already, but when you have a whole community attached to this niche like we do here then it risks drawing an unwelcome spotlight on us all. Eh, maybe it’s me being paranoid…


Eh paranoia is healthy, I mean considering how some cartoon shows would be removed for simple interactions that would anger the great Karen beasts (which is perhaps the reason why majority if not all cartoon shows made today feel awful, lacking the charm and daringness they had when they started).
Not to mention the possibility of trolls finding their way here and setting up camp, preparing to bring ruin on any number of lives because why not. Exposure brings risk, risk of the wrong people seeing and making their opinion on the matter known when it’s not needed. I know that too well…


You have The Pirate’s Fate (mostly TF but lots of weight gain too) and that one game w-oo-t made, big tiddy goth gf or something, there’s surprisingly quite a few

Also I think you have to pay some cash to put your game on Steam, like 100 bucks, which is pretty steep unless you have a successful Patreon or something

you guys also forget breeders of nephylim is on steam

The problem is that it takes around 100 bucks and the equivalent paperwork to get a game published through Steam’s Direct system. Workshop mods are way more likely for stuff like Starbound: Big Fatties, but then you face the common problem of spam comments and the occassional hate “WHAT IS THIS???” bs.


BotN isn’t a fat OR inflation game, so it’s effectively irrelevant to the conversation.
There’s tons of plain ol’ sex games on Steam, it’s positively saturated there.