I wanna make a Twine game, but I'm not sure exactly of what.

I have a basic idea of making something that I enjoy with my weight gain scenarios, and that’s initially unwilling gaining, as well as attempting to either get into or escape a place, depending on the situation. I also enjoy incorporating video game-y aspects, mostly “bad” endings, but actually making a game like this, I’d like to incorporate other things in that vein, like HP, inventory, and probably a weight value as well. Twine might not be the best idea for something like this, but it is the easiest to get into from what I can tell. Any other suggestions? If I can get a good system going, I might make a sort of base system I could use for different stories like this.
Quick edit: Feel free to ping or DM me on Discord, I’m in the WeightGaming server under the same nickname.


Are you looking for ideas on stories (I have lots) or how to code in Twine?

Honestly a bit of both, but mostly with the former. I can do my own Twine research, but some links would be helpful.
As for stories, I have some scenarios that I’ve roleplayed before, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself with what could end up as an overly branching mess.

If you want to do something a little more on the simple side but without too much thinking you can always port an existing CYOA (Choose your own adventure) game such as what you can find here on reddit. A great example is Fantasy Armor CYOA which takes the static page CYOA and makes it interactive. Of course you can always come up with your own story with WG themes.


I would love a game about fat catgirls and petplay. That doesn’t really show up as a main subject of any games on here but I feel like it would be appreciated. Or maybe that’s just me and no one else is so obsessed, anyways I wish you good luck whatever you decide to do! c:


Ooh, catgirls, and even catboys, would actually really fun! That’s not a bad idea at all.

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