I Want a Tutorial

I just downloaded Unity Hub, and I want to make a weight gain game akin to Chub Chomp Chill, but I don’t know where to start. Are there any tutorials on how to make a weight gain game in Unity?

We have an old coding crash course but nothing game related. I would love to do some more tutorials mainly around games in the future but that is still a ways off and mainly going to be around Godot more likely then not.

Generally you will be looking at the standard Unity tutorials and resources and trying to work your way up from there.

Don’t think you’re gonna find weight gain game tutorials but luckily it shouldn’t matter. There’s not really going to be a difference when all you’re learning is the basics. A beginner tutorial that shows you how to navigate the UI and make a small game will be a good start. After that you may have a good idea of how you can use what you’ve learned to make game. There really isn’t a difference between a weight gain game and a regular game when you look under the hood.

And you’re not gonna find one tutorial that shows you how to make the specific game you want to make. Otherwise, why would you be making it?

Goodluck :slight_smile:

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For general Unity usage, Unity has a free learning course called Unity Learn that’s well paced and covers a lot. I would recommend it since it saves learning progress and can be applied to any project you want to make.
If you really want to make something fast without hitting the books, there’s youtube tutorials for specific genres of games and specific gameplay elements. So find some that fit what you’re aiming to make and try to use what you learn to make something unique.

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