I want to find an artist who needs a programmer

I am dedekind, and I was working on a text RPG on here for some time. It was odd designing a game that had literally no visuals aside from text, and I would like to do something different now, so I am seeking any artists that have a game idea that they would like to make happen but are in need of a programmer. If I like your idea and your art I will be your programmer, completely for free.

I enjoy the designing side of things, and I have played enough games for free on this website that I feel like I should give at least a little work back. I also am interested in working on a game with actual art assets, which I am physically incapable of creating myself due to a devastating inability to create beauty with my weathered hands. I am a “capable” “writer” too if you need text or worldbuilding as well. I have included a link to the old game to show what I have done in the past both in terms of code and writing, and I will claim without offering any evidence that I can write things that are happier and more jokey/lively as well.

I can manage things that are a bit more impressive than my old game, as this game was originally my way of finding my way around a coding language that is anathema to me, and I am willing to try new things. The caveat to that is that if you want to do anything involving vore, preg, male, or farts, I will say no. Pure inflation I probably won’t do either – I am a prude! Everything else is fair game.

If you are interested in my offer, message me and tell me about the game you want to make! I am on here, and although I have never posted a single thing on discord, I am also on this site’s server under the same name.