I want to talk about my feelings with this community and have a nice discussion with all of you.

Hey guys, wanted to tell you something I’ve been mulling over in my head ever since I joined this community, for a kink community, I didn’t expect so many people to be so nice and well versed. Any thoughts?


We delete threads and ban people like any other community. We still get our fair share of idiots showing up and making a mess, but the mod team usually sweeps them away before they start to smell so to speak.


Yeah, pretty much as @Tombot says. There have been warnings, post removals, and even bans, but most people here are willing to be more than civil about things, so they’re generally not too frequent in occurrence. Usually, only posts that lean into offensive/illegal themes are the ones that get wiped, so you’ll usually only ever see the more positive posts compared to negative ones.

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Yeah, but what I’m saying is that it’s actually really cool to be in this community.


Fair enough! Don’t take my previous comment as “there’s still lots of negativity” or anything like that either, I’d definitely say that, for the most part, people are pretty cool here and treat each other with reasonable amounts of respect, which I certainly appreciate! I probably converse here more than any other forum (granted, mostly in topics under the BigFatties tag) so I’d completely agree that it’s been pretty fun hanging around with my fellow fat lovers of various kinds. :sunglasses:

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People with socially unacceptable kinks or fetishes understand how it feels to be isolated and to be unable to find a place that they can be themselves. It’s hard to throw rocks from a glass house, and so being accepting of others comes naturally.


Me too I find it so crazy that so many people on this site are the so nice and cool in fact I love reading the comments because of that.

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Honestly the majority of the posts we remove are just posts asking for updates, which is a fairly harmless offense. We’ve only had to get on the case of a handful of people over the now several years of operation, with only like 3 or 4 needing an actual ban. It’s a very laid back community as far as moderation goes.


I think that this being a forum helps a lot compared to regular social media since the incentives are different. there is no way a post can go “viral” (the closest to a viral post/topic is one that generates discussions for a long time and that requires much more effort then getting likes) and there isn’t any benefit to be first to comment/post about something.

I think it also helps that the subject of the forum is very niche and also focused on creation. niche things seem to keep troublemakers out (I guess they like big crowds) and focus on creation usually attracts good people (in my experience at least)


If there is one thing that’s been true to my internet experience, the more weird and backroom the community, the nicer the people are in general, same thing surprised me with the hypno community personally, I think it’s a subconscious understanding of “Hey, we love the same thing, and people already judge us for this, let’s not piss in the drinking water”. There are some bad eggs in communities like this, but i think the unspoken rule of “Don’t fuck with the people that agree with you(kinkwise)” remains true in alot of kinky porn communities, could be wrong tho


Too true. That, combined with some firm-but-fair moderation keeps a tightly run ship. A well-maintained seedbed for the next new Big Ideas to take root and be enjoyed by all.

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time here!

Apart from all the other responses, another factor is we are all humans here. Humans have a tendency to find a community (or several) that fit their beliefs, ideals, and core values. In this case we are all here because of some level of fascination with fat.

Regardless, I agree with a lot of you that this community has a lot of encouraging, selfless people. I have made numerous friends through this site and our conversations aren’t just fat-centered. We have engaging conversations and I have gotten to know them as people and friends. I was a little nervous to publicly come out about my game (Love is the Way to My Heart) but this community was overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

(incoming joke) maybe the old saying that big people are jolly is true, and same goes for those who admire big people! XD

For real, though, this community rocks!

no sense on being a jerk here, i’d say we get along quite alright in this little corner of the web.