I was isekaied in here

So it happen, I was walking in bbw-chan streets I got bump by something of big, soft and ultra heavy, my heart couldn’t last this sensation and I had a … I prefer don’t say it, anyway I’m just a random person that has this strange fetish to venerate fat or inflated girls, please don’t judge me.
I think that I’ll stay here for a bit, looking around and hope to make some new friend.


Welcome in the community, we will not judge you about your kink, no worries for that !
From my side, I am just a random game roleplayer who is into the feederism and fat girls.

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Well here’s hoping truck-kun sent you to the right place, though I guarantee you’ll be in good company of shared interests here!

That How I got here to and I LOVE IT HERE.

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us and I think you will find quite a few people here love fat and inflation as well.

As swell, I would said. :stuck_out_tongue: