I'd rather write stories.

Hey, you might know me, I have tried making games before, some are ok, some are god awful. I think I’m going to try and finish up my games and stop creating games, I’d rather just write stories for a plot I guess, if anyone wants to ask for a plot for a game, just ask or take one of my previous ones and expand on the idea in the way you interpret it. I’ll finish up the two new games I’ve been working on and finish up the Fallout game. You may know the first new game as the “WereFatty” game but I think I won’t tell you about the second one and get your hopes up unless you ask.


Memo to self: Don’t tell them about the second game unless it works as intended and don’t tell them that you’re going all out for this one.

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Me after reading this: :scream: :sob: :sweat: :pensive: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :kissing: :exploding_head:
Your work on games will be missed but I am happy you will do what makes you happy. Also that new game… Ill be waiting.