idea: a general fetish "labratory" game

so had a weird thought, led to a game idea, not so much weight gain focused, but more of a “general” fetish game. kind of like “mutate the labrat”, but…with a person

the base idea is that you get a test subject, and slowly over the course of several trials, naturally(or unnaturally) morph their body into something you find attractive. there’d be several tests you can do, split up into three different groups

inflation: more of a general belly and sphereoid kind of thing. there’d be three options for increasing size
air, your most standard of choices
water, turn someone into a sloshing balloon(or blubbery if you think hard enough)
clay, a more interesting option. more for a soild/heavier body. in universe would be a “pure” organic type of material, nontoxic and easy to pass without absorption

weight gain: bread and butter for everyone here, with 4 options
sugar, food with a tendency to sit more around the belly and generally everywhere else
dairy, while not as big fat gains as sugar, tends to sit more in the breasts
fruit, again not much fat, but sits more lower on the body than the others
meat, a more interesting option. using would leads to more muscle gains than actual fat

chemicals: various elixirs and chems for those who want to customize their test subject a little more, or skip some of the waiting on results from the standard choices
physical, change things like height, skin, hair, and just generally make the subject a little more appealing to you
enhancement, skip the waiting and get some results now. make specific body parts bigger, or increase elasticity so they can GET bigger
reduction, useful for when you’ve gone a little to far and made them a little to big

finally, tolerance: this is sort of intended to be the type of game where you slowly progress towards something, not get instant results. a stomach can only hold so much air or food inside it, and the body can only handle so many chemicals, and when you hit the max of what you can do, it’s time to say goodnight and proceed to the next day, and see what results your previous session have brought.

and that’s about it. like most ideas i post if anyone has the ambition and wants to take this idea for themselves, fell free to go ahead.


I shall see what you’ve got to offer, you’ve got a great idea right here, I hope you don’t abandon it.

There’s already a couple of games out there that cover some of the stuff mentioned here - Labrats and its follow-up Labrats 2. I played the first one ages ago and enjoyed it.

I haven’t paid much attention to it for some time (way too busy on my own game to play anything else!). I don’t think there’s any weight gain, but I believe it has stuff like pregnancy and different body shapes/sizes. Might be worth checking it out - it’s free, although the very latest version is Patreon only.


There is a furry game called rack, where you basically do this, you get several “toys” and toys to use on them and need to cause them as much pleasure as possible to unlock more of either.

Had some interesting stuff in there, mind control, shrinking/growing and so on. No fat, but breast expansion at least.

Could be a good base goal to reach to see how things like these can be best implemented.

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Rack 2 has WG, and I’m like 70% sure Rack 1 did, too.
Heck, Rack 2 has just about everything in terms of changing the shapes of the characters, like you can even make a strongfat woman that’s 8 feet tall, then cumflate her belly huge.


Unless I missed something, Rack 1 doesn’t have any WG. It does allow you to shrink or enlarge test subjects and their assets, but not in a WG sense.

also isn’t rack 2 a WIP?

Yes, and it’s also paywalled.