idea: feeding and automation

alright, it’s ya boi, here with another idea that he can’t use

so here’s the concept: you are on a deserted island/world, RICH in resources and the like, so you decide to turn it into a sort of pleasure island for yourself. this is essentially a topdown/isometic 2d or 3d “survival” game. you start out by doing the typical survival stuff, harvesting stone and wood, untill you get enough resources that you can start automating stuff. think of it sort of like factorio, you build miners and loggers which will harvest materials around them and place them on belts, which then go down to factories which will turn the raw materials into usable stuff, which further go down and get turned into more automation stuff. nothing too complex tho, no needing to muddle around with power systems and piping.

now the good stuff: weight gain and stuffing. all of that automation leads to you being able to automate farms, which produce crops, which can be fed into auto kitchens, which can further be refined into a nutrient paste, which can be piped directly into your character via an auto feeder. note that the paste part can be skipped over if you prefer stuffing rather than pure weight gain. eventually you may get to the point of immobility(or even just inconvenience), at which point you can take control of a drone, which is just a player avatar that can’t gain weight. you go around in your metal body doing tasks while your meat body continues to gain.

and that’s about it. a lot of open endness if anyone does want to pick up the idea


factorio but fat? sounds good

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There is nothing wrong with this idea in my opinion, but it would take a lot of doin’.

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The main issue I see with this is that in something like Factorio or Satisfactory, you can introduce new resources or complex receipts for the late game. I don’t see how you could proceed in a tech tree after you can auto feed.

The idea is good, but I find it more interesting if you are on this desert island with a girl who is in love with you and you do all this evolution in the game to fatten the girl, the interesting thing would be if she started with little weight so that you can get fat her more and more and notice even more the difference from before to after.
I personally don’t think it’s cool that the main character gets fat and that he’s male with the first person game.

And the way they came to crash on this island? I think it would be nice to have the idea that they were on a small yacht that ended up puncturing the hull during a strong storm with high levels of magnetic radiation that destroyed any type of communication technology and some other types and they ended up stranded on the coast of this unknown island that strangely wasn’t located anywhere on their map leaving them completely without a chance to rescue the world outside the island.

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I think this is a neato idea, but it falls into the pitfalls of resource management games in general, which was touched upon in another comment, is what drives the player forward to continue development? Is it the draw of using new resources to create bigger and better machines and stuff? Do more people end up getting stranded on the island which forces the player to gather more resources to fatten all of them? As a concept, I love management games like this. I think the main limiting factor is how can you include a fetish like weight gain in them without making it a chore for people who just want the fetish and a bore for people who like the game loop.


Fattorio, interesting idea. Also, I think a way to keep the “FACTORY MUST GROW” is to require more food to maintain/pass into other levels of weight, though I think the addition of extras on the island would also help with this.


someone make this pls


It’s better if you get both male and female options

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In the role of the person gaining weight or the protagonist? or both?

Both options for gaining weight and being the protagonist that way you can get more people playing it plus if you’re first making weight gain for the female characters ifirst t’s not that hard to change it to work for a male’s body as well in my opinion

I have a similar idea, but instead you’re a robot tasked with turning a useless alien overlord(lady) into a planet-sized blob.

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I’m making plans to go in this sort of direction but with a restaurant for a game. Finally came up with what I think will be a satisfying progression system. Don’t know when I’ll abandon it though so don’t get hyped. If anyone want to contribute though… do contact.

Have you created a topic for this game?

no and currently its going into predev purgatory until an artist can join as I can’t do art and have other ideas drawing me away.

Why don’t you try, it won’t hurt

Honestly, I made that post to see if there was a response and as a way of committing myself to it. I did that as I though a friend was going to help me with it. He is busy with other projects and I’m off doing silly stuff too.

Unless someone else joins me this will end up like the rest of my unfinished stuff so unless you wish to help, I would just let it die. I don’t mind it dying.

I’v taken up such an attitude from essay writing and I feel it means I learn a lot of different stuff instead of releasing one.