idea: Feeding Farmer's Fantasy

alright, tossing a dumb idea down here, ranching game based around either purchasing or capturing monster girls, feeding them copious amounts of food, and then selling whatever goods they produce. food can either be grown(cheap but low quality), or bought(ranging from not so cheap to expensive, but high quality), and the more you feed your mons, the bigger they get and the more they can produce, like

“food capacity of 10, produces item at 6, 4 left over times quality of food(1-5)=chance of increasing cap by 1-3”

along with some fun/cute descriptions depending on their states, and depending on the ambition there could also be a decent or wide selection of monster girls, from vanilla (mermaid) to MGE (mermaid, mershark, sea bishop, selkie)

and that’s about it. if anyone wants to go with this be my guest, i can come up with a lot more if needed

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It sounds like Harvest Moo, but maybe this one could actually work!

Don’t knock it 'til you have an audience to back you up! Because I disagree! This sounds like an awesome idea. It would just take a lot of work. If you find a team to work with, I’ll definitely be on the lookout. Even if the end result costs money, I’d be willing to pay for something of quality.

Yeah, you and me both. Which is why I bought A Pirate’s Fate.

Yeah? How is it? I’m not familiar…

It’s one of the curated projects here. You can see for yourself if you want to.

Oh, thanks. Sorry for being as oblivious as that!

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