Idea for a fatty fighting/sumo wrestling game

Note: I don’t actually expect anyone to make this game. I’m just posting this for fun.

It’d be a 3D game where two characters are put in a marked circle to brawl. Each character would have two stats: HP and Stamina. HP would go down upon taking damage from punches, kicks, etc. from an opponent. Stamina, on the other hand, would go down by performing actions and dashing. However, unlike HP, Stamina can be recovered, provided that the player does not perform any action or dash.

In total, the game would have 4 3 lose conditions:
A character’s HP reaches 0.
A character’s Stamina reaches 0.
A character exits the marked circle.
A character is down on the ground for 10 seconds or more.

Once a character meets a lose condition, the fight is reset, save for the fact that the losing character has put on some weight! Now, they must fight with extra pounds, gaining larger for every round they lose.

Fat, as a mechanic, has both benefits and drawbacks for each character.

Harder to push.
Harder to pry off if sitting on a downed opponent.
More HP.
Pushes harder.

Harder to get up if downed.
More Stamina cost for performing actions and dashes.
Lower Stamina recovery.
Slower movement and turning.
Slower actions and dashes.
Reduced arm reach (at higher weights)
Stamina cost for walking (at higher weights)

The game is considered over once a character is immobilized from their weight.


Neat. I’d recommend against 0 stamina being as a lose condition. It seems like it’d be kind of frustrating and being temporarily unable to take actions or dash seems like enough of a penalty.


That makes sense. But I still want 0 stamina to be able to induce losses as a punishment/reward, depending on the side. I’d say that being knocked down with 0 stamina should result in a loss.

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I like the idea this game maybe fun if you can make it work right.

I think this may be a good idea. Think about this: the WiiWare title Eat! Fat! FIGHT! (which was discontinued along with all other WiiWare games due to the Wii Shop Channel’s closure) has a weight stat that, according to the coaches for the player and opponent, makes the character stronger against being lifted by their opponent.