Idea for a Rain World Mod

[/ / /G !ㅤ I N S A N I T YㅤW A R N I N G ! ㅤI N S/ / /]

I was playing Rain World as the Gourmand, and had a random, completely dumb idea:

What if there was a Rain World mod where sleeping with extra food and/or eating beyond capacity caused you to gain weight?
Balance and/or penalties of such a mod wouldn’t really be an issue; it is nature, after all. It would balance itself out.

Gourmand is the best character in every aspect, from design - just lookit 'im! - to gameplay, to story. This has been fact-checked by Absolutely Nobody, a professional in the field of character design and video game mechanics.


Someone is actually developing a wg mod, although it’s different than what you described: Rain World Mod: stuffing fat slugcats through small pipes - YouTube



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Yay we get more of the big Slugcats!


Update: I believe I’ve been unofficially added to the list of beta-testers now.

Mod info:

It’s nice. What, you thought I’d break my vow of silence? The oath to secrecy all testers should swear when they aid in the production of something?

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So I’ve been playing the rotund world mod with my husband. We’ve been having a lot of fun, but are struggling to figure the squeezing / shoving mechanic. It seems like there’s sometimes a rhythm to it sometimes, but it’s not clear to me what starts that the shoving / squeezing sound going into that point. Any tips?


Stuck times are randomly selected within a bracket. That bracket of time increases as you get bigger.

When you get stuck, slowly press the jump button while holding the direction to squeeze through.

You might see a little effect around your head. That’s a sort of stamina meter. The bigger it gets, the closer you are to tiring out.

You might also hear a squeezing sound, if your volume’s high enough. The louder it gets, the closer you are to getting through. Even at its loudest, though, it’s hard to hear. I’ll probably ask Willow about a volume slider or something.

I’m not too familiar with multiplayer pushing/shoving, as I don’t really have anyone to use Rotund with, but from the instructions, you hold up while behind or in front of them, and press jump. Same stamina meter applies to you.

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Ok, cool. We’ve gathered that much already, but it still just feels like we’re not getting the full picture. We’re getting better at is as time goes by though; picking up tricks for certain spots and such.

Basically, just don’t go more than one or two pips over standard max. Willow told me that it’s not intended for you to go more than a few pips over max; the 12 pips you can go over is more of a “how impossible you’ve made the cycle” gauge than anything.

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Oh we’ve been (very slowly) making progress with far more than a few pips, lol. Emphasis on slowly, but my character (the big one) is big enough where it stops adding more pips to the gauge! XD It is quite difficult to advance like that. Takes many tries, and some clever planning.


Just a heads-up, then. That 12-pip max is only for hibernation purposes.

Nearly everything else is calculated indefinitely.

Yep. Noticed that, too. >:3

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I see you everywhere liking posts and stuff, decided to look at your profile.

Found a game called Rainworld, saw that it was 50% on both the base game and the dlc.

Buying it now, been looking for a fun game again, here’s to hoping, and thanks :smiley:

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I just want to thank you personally, Mystic. You indirectly gave me an extra three - maybe even five! - friends, introduced me to a streamer, and gave me a group to play Rain World with.

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Just a heads-up: almost everyone gives up on the game early on. Those that give it a second chance will love it.

Also, try to force yourself to be as in-the-dark as possible for as long as you can. Discover things yourself, unless discovery is a bit of a drag.

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Aw, I’m glad! That makes me happy to hear :smiley:

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