idea for a settlement game

so recently had this one weird thought, and i had the idea that “maybe I could try and work on it and make it into something?”, and so…yeah

basic idea is a settlement game, focused around a single archmage, who you fatten up to build more and more magic power. it’s got a side view to it, and you need to build various things such as houses, sources of resources, and military buildings and defences. i’d probably focus on kind of not making it fetish focused, and once that’s done i’ll add it in if i can

i’ve currently got clickteam fusion 2.5, which i’ve heard is decent for beginners, so if anyone can give me some tips that would be great


I’d love to play a game where I can gain magic power by fattening (assuming, of course, that I get to play my preferred gender). However, I think the project you’re describing has a scope problem. If you include fat fetish content, you will alienate people who don’t share the fetish. Which means you’re making a whole village manager just as a vehicle for a fetish game to be played by fat fetishists. I think that’s probably too big a scope for the project, unless you have a fair amount of experience or a modest team.

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I almost agree, if they were intending to make this into the mainstream. But, uh… looking as this site is called “Weight Gaming,” I think they’ll be okay in terms of scope.

Sorry, xoyv, I don’t have any tips myself to give, just wanted to voice some support for your project! It sounds really fun. :slight_smile: