Idea for a Stuffing/Inflation/WG Visual Novel - Live n Eat (Working Title)

Hey there. While I’m a new member (officially joined today), I have lurked around the forums for a few years now, always enjoying the games in silence.

Well, recently I started learning C# and Unity, and decided to hone my skills further by using them to make my own visual novel! And at the same time, thought I might be able to give back to the community by making it a stuffing/inflation/WG VN!

So let me get to the fat of the topic: Live n Eat.

The visual novel, as it stands, will be coded in Unity, and the graphics made in one of the modded Koikatsu games!
I only recently learned about the modding side of those games, and the wonder that is the chara studio. Truly a gift for everyone.

(However, while the Koikatsu games are known for their more sexual tones, I won’t be going past partial nudity in my game. I never really enjoyed sex in games, and since I don’t enjoy it, I don’t really wish to make it.)

What am I planning for the visual novel to have, aside from the three characters presented, and obviously, stuffing, WG and inflation options?

~ Cast of purely female characters. Sorry for anyone enjoying male on female action, but it ain’t here.

~ The Playable character, named Mel (The Ginger in the middle in the above picture), can also participate in any of the above activities!

~ Weight, Stomach capacity and Trust systems. Each should be pretty straight forward.

~ Stories that include cutscenes for each character! As you build your trust with each, you’ll get to unlock new cutscenes, and witness as they expand in special moments (and sometimes, you’ll expand too!)

~ A job you can attend whenever you want, as a certified counseling psychologist! Talk to the characters, and try helping them out in different ways. You can give advices, prescribe medicine, and as the trust grows, more options become available! (Beware, not every option is good for every character, and can decrease trust!)

~ At a start, 5 characters (including Mel) having 4 stuffing stages, and 2 weight stages (Default and +1). While my final plan is for every character to have 4, I need to ensure I do it right, and still working out how to perma fatten each character in Koikatsu.

And that about sums up my plan. If you are all curious, I have a couple of cutscenes already in the process of being made (All screenshots ready, and dialogue is written, just need to continue studying how to make the VN itself), along with base models for 3 characters (for stuffing, Default weight. Inflation will be different).
Oh, and aside from cutscenes, models won’t be static. I intend on making them appear more living (blinking, slight movements). Which will inflate the game size somewhat. Already got a tested model which seems decent. Might be added in the future, as a base this seems to just cause me an increased headache x.X
As for my progress in Unity, I have a system for reading text files and arranging things in the set up, and currently working on a dialogue and commands system.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, etc, feel free to let me know! And any thoughts or ideas are also welcome!


High Hope for this! Lets see what you can do!

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CAMPUS: The School Campus could place in Cold, Windy, and Icy enviroment. (Like Canada, Sweden, norway, belgium, finland, estonian) There are frequent and intense Blizzards on the landscape. ocasionally the roads get closed due ice storm, so the students walk home while in a cold snowy breeze. During the many Chilly months of their stay, students tend to get thicker, and they become Bbws.

COLLEGE COURSES: Deep Lake Ice Diving (Searching for Artifacts, Clams, oysters, kelp), Culinary classes (cupcakes, creamy onion soup, olive oil pasta , peach pie, creampuffs ), Wilderness camping (Gathering food and supplies, milking Moose, maybe Milking Domesticated bears)

Character suggestions: each of them could have a favorite food and several snacks that the player learns about while romancing them. Each girl gets thicker in variety, some get larger breasts, some grow a bigger thicker Tummy, other girls have wider hips.
They have favorite brand of lipstick, hair style.

GAME EVENTS: could try different Festive activites like setting up a Grand sized PastryLand display for a school project showing their wonderful Culinary skills,
students get Sudden Weather Alerts of a Widespread Blizzard.
They can visit Local Malls and shops offering unique ingrediants, or admire architecture located in parks.