Idea for a wg dating sim in renpy....

hey guys! i had an idea for a weight gain dating sim and i have some questions
I started sketching some sprites and i think i have the idea down but how many expressions i should do? so far i have 3 expressions and 3 fat variants for each expression,should i do a unique emote for each character? this is what i’ve got so far…

this is just the first 2 ive done the sprites for but i also did some concept sketches so i can play with the colors as well so there will be 4 girls total,
for now im just looking for input on this ill get to the actual development when i get there… renpy seems easy imo… :slight_smile:

but the overall the concept is you’re the new chef at the pizza restaurant and you fatten up your coworkers lol heres also a link to a couple mockups i had with the first design


Welcome aboard! And yeah, the concept art looks great with some characterful personalities already evident. The scene mockups look promising too.

So with that said, it basically boils down to planning the story and dedicating time to the project, and to that I wish you well!


thanks (for the welcome and the advice)!

can’t wait to play it :slight_smile:

This looks good, the sprites are great and the concept is interesting. Nice work so far

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I agree, nice drawings!

Also a wg sim in ren’py is IMO the best way to turn artwork and writing into a fun to play video game, with minimal effort wasted on learning to code.

I also personally think this sort of dating VN is the best genre for a wg themed game in general.

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yeah it’s pretty straightforward especially if youre into actually seeing progress happening…

If you haven’t done so already I’d suggest putting a scene into RenPy before doing more art. That way you can adjust the size of the original artwork to what RenPy is going to need, taking into account areas that may be obscured by the say and choice screens. RenPy honours windows text scaling, so be sure to set that to 100% before finalizing the layout.

As far as drawing more expressions goes, you clearly have a talent for art so you could wait and see what your story ends up needing.


thanks! I’ve started working on it and have gradually changed the sizing and such based on my needs so its not too bad… i’m hoping to finish at least a little more of the script to see if i should make more sprites i think i just want a sorta quick project for now and this could turn into a monster yknow?

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