Idea for dark storybook-themed WG fiction

Please let me know if this is a good idea. I was thinking of writing about an alternate world set during an unknown time period (although the aesthetic could be from the 1800s-1900s) and in this world, there are some unusual societal norms, all seeming to be focused on weight. For instance, it is considered “offensive” for females to have their midriffs exposed in public unless they are fit or toned. It is considered proper etiquette for girls with “undesirable” stomachs to wear a corset. It is also considered “rude” for one to outgrow their clothes and ruin the fabric (as that is an indication one overeats and doesn’t leave anything for others) The worst thing you can be in this society is a “glutton” and any male found being intimate with a “glutton” is publicly shunned and humiliated. Needless to say, the people in this world are extremely uppity and have highly unrealistic standards. It’s like a more extreme version of what American society thought the “perfect” female figure was back in the olden days.

But I also wanted to add this dark storybook element to it, like something out of Grimm’s fairy tales. I was thinking of having these cave troll/goblin-like creatures that are drawn to the appearance of fat and have started nabbing up the chubby girls of a nearby town/village. The town decides to remedy this problem by suggesting that all the bigger girls wear some type of protective clothing (like a corset) when they go out in public, so their physique doesn’t draw the attention of the creatures. However, in fairy tale-fashion, some rebellious teens think their parents are just being lame and making up superstition, so they go out at night (without wearing the protective clothes) and get abducted. Now usually, the “moral” of the story would just end right there. However, instead, I figured maybe when they get brought back to the cave, they meet a bunch of other girls who had went missing, and together, they try to start a rebellion against the trolls/goblins

I will say though that I do not plan on doing anything overly sexual (as in no full nudity, sex, or any fetish other than weight gain (so no pregnancy, blueberry, vore, farting, or immobility) I want it to be relatively PG in terms of content, but still have just enough to be satisfying


Don’t worry about if people think your idea is good or not. What matters is implementation.

Go and make what you want and you’ll likely find some kind of audience.


This is a very interesting idea! I would love to see it become a project here on WG! Of course this is your project and you get to decide what happens in it however if I may offer an idea of my own. Perhaps not having nudity ( in any increment ) will toll on the stories immersion. What I am getting at is if you were to implement cloths being torn due to increased mass it would only make sense that the character or characters are then nude, at least somewhat. This is my two cents on the subject, I do not expect you to change your mind. Just trying to bring that point to your attention. Anyway I am sure whatever you choose to do this project will be great! I will stay tuned for updates! :blush:

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Well yeah they will be semi-nude, but not completely. Closest to nudity I’ll probably go is underwear or bikini, with everything except the breasts and crotch exposed. Unpop opinion, but I find it kind of distracting when WG stories wander away from the weight gain aspect and start focusing on more sexual things. Ofc it’s going to be erotic in nature due to the weight gain content, but I prefer it stay to things that wouldn’t be considered sexual to anyone without the fetish. I generally find it better when the weight gain is unintentional or is done for some non-sexual purpose. It just seems “realer” than someone deliberately gaining cuz they’re turned on by it.

Although it seems I’m not the only one to find this specific sub-kink better. There are plenty of people on curvage discussion forums posting “fat girl in denial” content.