Idea for new WG kinks tier list

So since the old WG kink tier list is down, I think a new one is in order. I may need help finding pics for some of the kinks. Also, I saw one entry on the old tier list titled “Micro WG” What is that one about exactly?

I’d guess micro WG is about small amounts of WG, although I’m not too sure

it might be micro as in macro/micro? A tiny person gaining weight specifically? I feel like you are probably right tho.

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I would say that it is a micro that get fattened. that is how I have always seen it be used

Yeah, think like a fairy or pixie getting fattened. It’s pretty economical to stuff such a character on a couple of donuts or an entire cheeseburger. Being tiny doesn’t bar them from having big and sassy personalities so they’re often pretty entertaining to tease and mess with.