Idea for realistic prosthetic bellies and fat suits

Not my idea, but a friend of mine’s. I’m posting this on his behalf because he doesn’t want to go through the effort of making an account, but also cuz I think it’s a neat idea. So he explained to me that there are a lot of people within the fat/belly/weight gain fetish community that love the idea of gaining weight, but are too scared of the risks involved to try. For instance, some would be willing if there were no health risks associated or social consequences (like family members noticing, partners losing attraction, etc.) Some are turned away by the amount of time and energy involved in eating and gaining weight that the final result just isn’t worth the investment. There’s also the issue of not knowing where the fat will distribute, as you might only be trying to gain in specific areas. Some also don’t feel comfortable undergoing a physical change that they can’t easily change to their liking, as they would be stuck at that weight even when they’re no longer feeling aroused and lose interest, unless of course they spend more time exercising to undo the whole process.

Well, anyways, my friend is one of these people, going through a stuffing-pillows-under-shirt phase when he was younger and then shifting to using water balloons instead, which according to him, were closer in texture to human body fat. Of course this would be impractical for him to keep up for longer periods of time, as water balloons are bound to pop at some point and cause a mess if indoors. He tried looking up prosthetic bellies and fat suits online that would be more durable and long-lasting but also give the visual appearance of a human body as well, which the pillows and balloons lacked. To his disappointment, most of the ones within budget were very fake looking, and also very hollow and solid in texture, like a cheap halloween mask. And most of the fat suits made out of plushier material just had the same texture of a pillow or foam mattress, nothing that could sell the illusion.

So this is where he got his idea. What if there were vests that covered the body similar to a unitard (sleeveless, covered torso and crotch, maybe with zipper in the back) but were made out of a more supple and fleshy feeling material (texture ranging in softness from more solid to loose and flabbier) which would be colored, shades, and detailed to resemble to human skin with customizable features. Maybe there could even be a mechanism to allow for water padding, so it would have a realistic slosh and bounce to it, created by the liquid moving inside the vest. And then they could be sold online similar to how there are companies that make realistic lifelike human masks, but instead of faces, the focus is on everything below the neck. This would allow for people to get a better “simulation” of fatness so they don’t have to commit to gaining real weight and altering their actual physique. They could simply put it on to aid in fantasization and then they take it off when they’ve made use of it.

This is a reference photo similar to the idea he is talking about, but of course the appearance would be less plastic-y looking and have better surface detailing:

Ideally, the prosthetics would look more realistic like the examples below, except the arms wouldn’t be included:


I don’t know if he has any plans to go through with it, but I felt like this idea should be shared in case someone skilled in costume design or similar work would interested in picking this concept up


It has merit
The niche is obviously there so if anyone wants to take advantage it there for the claiming at least as far as this hound sees

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So, what your friend is after is a movie grade prosthetic and they are worried about budget?! Thor’s belly is 90lbs (40kg) of silicone suitable for skin contact (silicone is denser than body fat). That’s $2,000 to start with! And to get to the point of pouring it you’d have to life-cast the actor’s torso, make a positive, sculpt the fat, then make a negative of that. You have two person-sized objects so it needs space in a workshop. Oh yes, and a makeup team to blend it all together after you’ve put it on. It will be physically exhausting to wear (not necessarily a negative in the context) and sweaty AF.

If they wanted something cheap then they’re going to have to remove some of those requirements! Or improvise: buy the shiny one and spray it with matte coat and apply a load of foundation.


Well he is looking for something that can be slid on/off without needing to be blended in and such. Think like a corset or girdle but with a fleshier exterior to it

I understand what he wants in terms of a garment, but what he wants isn’t going to be a budget item for the reasons outlined above. The need to have it look like human skin, specifically “which would be colored, shades, and detailed to resemble to human skin with customizable features” really pushes the price up as silicone is the only real solution, and anything customiseable (i.e. a one-off creation) is always going to be pricey.

Remove that requirement and there’s a lot more cheaper options. Like making a double walled unitard out of rubber, silicone or PVC (think human shaped baloon) - still not easy, and likey to run to many hundreds of $.