Idea for series about high school competitive eating team

I’ve had this idea run through my head a couple times about a series following a cast of characters on a sports team (sorta like The Mighty Ducks or one of those similar shows) except the sport is weight gain-themed, and as the series progresses, the characters gain weight at various paces as scenes go back and forth between their own subplots. I’ve also been thinking of designs for what a school competitive eating outfit would look like (I’m currently thinking a combination of a volleyball and softball outfit, with volleyball shorts and a long-sleeved softball shirt (with the v neck and buttons). The logo for the school would be on a pocket and the name would probably go on the back. I’m stuck between “Dionysian High” or “Hedonist High” but those seem a little too on the nose.

What do y’all think


I don’t think it would fly on this site since they would be underage, you might want to bump it up to college at the very least.


Would 18 be underage? If so, that’s fine. It could be adjusted to college. Either that or the school and ages could be made ambiguous

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Honestly, setting this kind of thing in a college setting just kind of makes more sense in general.