Idea for yet another Ren'py Weight Gain Game!

I’m halfway through developing my first game for this site, as a long time reader, and player myself, i know what I look for in a game and have developed accordingly.
I know typically on this site, ambitions are lofty with new developers and often not followed through on, which i completely understand and relate to. That being said, here is what i plan to bring to the table with:
Untitled Roommate Project! Version: 0.0.0!

current planned features for this version are:
3 Weight Stages for Main girl
-2 stuffing stages per weight stage
-Ability to choose where weight is focused (Boob, Belly, Butt)
3 Separate relationship paths with different styles (Sub, neutral, Dom)
2 weight events per stage with custom cg’s
8 NPC’s with linear storylines
-3 stages per npc
Daily action system
-Work, Roommate, Study, Shop, Explore
Custom UI (Too many VN’s on this site have the default one and I wanted to be quirky lol)

Does this seem like a lot? Yes.
Does it seem even stupider when I tell you it’s my first time coding? Definitley.
Currently, i have the first scene done, the calendar/daily action system up and running.
So now it’s all about getting the assets done, as well as adding every scene needed on top of my base, which, while time consuming, is completely doable now that I have the hang of things.
My reason for posting this here instead of getting hype on the main projects board is…

What would you guys like to see from this game?
The main focus is customization, your actions have consequences that lead you to having a different experience everytime you play the game (For the most part) and if you aren’t satisfied with the MC, the NPC’s are there to fill in a lot of other niches. So what kind of NPC’s, Events, Storylines, and Choices would you guys like to see in this game?
Stuff from other games on this board, and stuff that you havent seen in games like this works, just as long as it doesn’t border on plagarism lol.

-Anyway, sorry for the long post! If you want a taste of what the game will look like, follow me on Deviantart!~ Goodbye for now!

My deviantart!


I’m early to the party this time

ayo? shoot high, go high!
just as long as you don’t get puffed out, take a break when you need to or shoot a message! I’d love to help if you ever stumble across something that doesn’t quite work, or even if you just want something done and rather spend time gathering assets lmao
getting a calendar/daily action system going is impressive enough though, so kudos for that!

I’ll give a think about this as well, but gonna take a minute extra for that

These are rookie lengths, don’t worry about it!
def gonna follow on Deviantart though, or well, just did, love the art


Love the look of your art. And the general idea. Definitely quite ambitious with the relationship paths and choice of area gains. I like the idea though.

So is the main playable character is the roommate of the main girl correct? I’m not sure it’s specifically stated who the player will be playing as in game.

Does this indicate you are planning on adding on to the listed features with additional content in later version(s)? Or are you envisioning this feature list to be the completed game?

Either way this sounds interesting definitely following your DeviantArt and looking forward to seeing where this goes. Good luck with development.

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The main character will be the roommate of the gainer girl, though maybe in a future update i’ll add the ability to make the player character gain.

The feature list is just for the first version! With plans for content updates consistently when the bones of the game are completed.

I’m glad you enjoy my art! Tysm!


I personally enjoy playing a feeder MC I was looking to confirm more than suggest an alternative but definitely one of the more requested features in games like this is that. But you have quite a nice list of features as it is in looking forward to it.

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It would be intriguing if you implement (when you add a gain option to MC) to have the roommate realize you are fattening her up and she turns it back on the MC. I always like the turn-about plot in these kinds of games.

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Hello! I have opinions about this! Please don’t think I’m telling you what to do. Make the game your heart wants to make! But also, food for thought…

  • one main feedee and an MC feeder
  • dom/sub/neutral
  • customization
  • visual novel

Sounds like fertile ground for relationship / feelings type stuff. I love that! I hate it when the whole game is tricking some naive bimbo into overeating and watching her get fat. Not because it’s wrong (this is smut), but because it’s boring. I miss Forks, man.

If I just want to customize a picture/model of a person, there are many character creators, and AI image generators are starting to get good. To me, the appeal of this VN is getting the character, someone with backstory and her own wants and opinions and agenda, to be the kind of partner/feedee I want. Or maybe discovering her plan and deciding that’s better, or some compromise.

The feedee should feel like a real person as much as possible. Honestly don’t care if the other chars are cardboard cutouts, but personality there too can’t hurt. I don’t know how much to give the MC a personality and how much to let the player roleplay / self-insert. It’s a tough problem.

About the dom/sub/neutral thing: when I look for stuff with these themes I find a lot of leather, whips, chains, and fascist-themed stuff and it’s all silly. I’m hoping this is more about will and control than the equipment. Like, to me the fun of playing a dom (not in real life lol) starts with getting and having power over someone, but it really gets going once that power isn’t new, and you have this person to manage, and oh boy they’re complex and person-y, full of history and traits.

Like, let’s say I’m playing the MC as dom and I want the feedee to stuff in public. I don’t want the struggle to mostly be at first she won’t because I don’t have enough dom points, but I keep stuffing her and making her call me “master” or whatever behind closed doors and then she agrees and that’s that. There’s fun in this kinda building up influence and wearing down resistance thing, but it doesn’t do much for the characters themselves.

Instead, let’s say her parents had weight issues and were scared of letting her get fat, so they’d nitpick and police her eating at the dinner table year after year. But everywhere and every time else she had pretty free reign to eat whatever, which she did, in normal amounts. So she’s not so hung up about “is it okay if i eat this much”, but more about “if I eat this much in front of someone else, something bad will happen”. It doesn’t make any sense, until you learn how she got that way, then it makes perfect sense.

So that’s why “stuff yourself in public” is a big ask for her. But you’re dom and sub, so the question isn’t whether she’ll do it. You can tell her, “that sounds horrible. do it anyway” and she will. But then she’ll be a blubbering mess afterwards, and that may or may not be your thing. But instead you could find ways to work with/around those things.

Maybe you could be like the opposite of her parents and praise her when she eats extra? But that’s really weird in public, so it’d crank the embarrassment way up. Find her friends that tend to overeat? That could go unnoticed, but maybe it’s a little weak. Maybe you let her know that when she’s eating in public, any time you praise her you’re really thanking her for eating, and so you do that a lot and it just looks like you’re buttering her up, but really you’re buttering her up. Maybe you sit next to her and pat her thigh and rub her belly when you can. The physical touch is powerful but also kinda risky.

No matter what tactic you choose, it’s uncomfortable for her at first, but she’s doing it for you, and that’s great. But the more you get at this root cause shame thing, the more you can fix it or even reverse it, and if you do that with enough things you can kinda change her personality.

In conclusion: brute-forcing your sub into doing things is small brain. Talking to your sub and training her to like doing things is normal brain with electricity and chakras. Knowing your sub like yourself and slowly molding her soul to your liking is transcendent galaxy lightning brain.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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But this one struck a chord with me, i am kind of a sucker for crying girls, but being able to play around these character moments is my whole selling point, so complex scenes like this are definitley something to look forward to. But now that you mention it, I do kind of want to flesh it out a little more, because as it stands, there’s no big teaching moments for the player to know that this is more of a VERY FETISHY lifesim than a fetish smut game.
tldr; You have great ideas, and realistic, character driven plots will be expanded upon. This game will have to balance smut, with good story, in a way that appeases the crowds that like either, without hindering the other experience.

I think it’s easier said than done, but also not as daunting as it could be.

-I appreciate the input! ~Pink