idea: galactic grand scale

alright, time to dump this (actually cohesent) mishmash of ideas together and come up with an idea(that no one would probably pick up on and will sit here and rot) BUT ANYWAY

galactic grand scale: space travel sim with weight gain elements. …that’s about it. go from one end of the galaxy to the other, skim resources off various planets and ships, and try to keep your crew together.

scrap (bog standard mishmash of metal and electroinics. can easily be reformed into anything and everything mechanical related)
organics (not “food” persay, but various containers of biological material. mild squick factor but only if you think about it too had)
exotic (crystals n gasses n shit)
fuel (ship go juice, now in solarium berry flavor)
gel (ACTUAL food. one part of upgrading a section of the ship. a high calorie dense gel that can keep a person fed for an entire day)
BOBs (bio organic buddies AKA crew, expendable crew that can be burned on tasks for bigger/quicker outcome)
MULEs (non bio organic crew. essentially a BOB but better and more valuable. less required for bigger payoff, but regenerates more slowly)

and here we have the crew. the “fetish” part of the game, where each section of the ship is maintained by a lovely lady, who gets bigger with every upgrade. thighs become thick, boobs billow out, and tummies become titanic(and all that). upgrading a section requires relevant resources, and an amount of gel (which goes into the girl), increasing efficiency or whatever.

maintenance: personality is tomboy, body type is barrel. in charge of keeping ship stock together, upgrading increases storage space for resources
medbay: personality is sweetie(100% pure cinnamon role), body type is hourglass. in charge of keeping crew alive and stuff, upgrading increases BOB production
engineering: personality is grump(radda radda), body type is apple, in charge of keeping the NON alive crew alive, upgrading increases MULE production
helm: personality is sunny, body type is pear(sits on her ass all day, where else would it go?), keeps the crew mentally together, upgrading increases navigation and negotiation ability
reactor: personality is robotic, body type is top heavy(boobs n belly), a girl pretty much indifferent and married to the job, upgrading increases fuel efficiency
research: personality is ditz(surprised she can work a coffee machine), body type is blob(gains all over), literally i nor she knows what she’s doing half the time, can activate limited time buffs, and upgrading increases effect and/or duration

and that’s about it. general interface is your usual ship stuff, cutout side view, click on a section to have a window pop up with a portrait of the girl(maybe with live2d for extra jiggle), and either letting you do various things, or just chat with the girl

how does that sound?


I like the sound of it so far.

Did you have any ideas on what platform you’d probably create it in?

i mean i think i’ve said before, i can come up with ideas but i have none of the necessary skills required to turn them into actual games. if anyone wants to take this idea they can, but mostly likely people will gloss over it

Twine seems like it would handle this quite well, with good enough variable management and lots of typing, this could be pretty well made, with time to spare.

I could try and put together a gameplay prototype in Unity if I find time. Can’t do much in the art department though.

if you wanna take the idea feel free to

It’ll be a while before I have anything to show, but I have officially started working on this.

Fresh idea, hope you stick with it, sounds like you can take it somewhere.

honestly? great sounding. Can’t wait to see where this goes, helm and research girls are already my favorites, would absolutely love to see more of this. I hope the gel comes in cherry and grape flavors it sounds delicious