Idea inspired by an old game jam

Remember that game jam where devs had to have the gainer/inflatee victims be secondhand? Like, you and/or your character can influence it but can’t be an active participant?
I was amazed that there was a surprising lack of games inspired by “Naughty Games” from the days of flash player; to the uninformed, they were games that were point and click where you had to do various tasks through various scenarios to get a desired end result (with the side of some spicy content): an example of this is Naughty Supermarket, where you play as a Supermarket employee who’s trying to get a hot girl who already has a boyfriend. Using the environment, items within it, and people milling about, you end up causing several incidents (like the boyfriend ogling another girl’s slightly exposed panties, having a porn mag, or having him get a kiss from a female employee) causing the girl to break up with the guy, then you do several tasks to make the employee look better and have him woo the hot girl, ending in a make out session in a closed off room.
A much naughtier example would be Naughty Classroom, where you’d put a teacher through various sexy scenarios while class is ongoing, and you have to avoid getting caught.
How I thought this would be incorporated in an Inflation/Weight Gain game is by having an inflator going to different locations and causing events that cause inflation scenarios to other people.

Since Flash Player has long been discontinued, I’m wondering if there are any recommendations for making a point and click style game that I should consider?
I’m new to the whole thing and have never made a game before, and have barely any coding experience, so any advice would be good.

To anyone who wants to find these games and see what I mean to get their own inspiration, I recommend looking up the Flashpoint project, which is dedicated to the preservation of Flash Player content; they might have a game or two from the Naughty Games.


ren’py can do point and click as long as it’s not got real-time action sequences (which ren’py stinks at imo.)

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