Idea: Morphing Competition?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post something like this, I just figured a competition is close enough to a game lol.
Alright, here me out a bit. I feel like the morph community is fairly lacking. It’s either the same few people releasing morphs here and there, or people requesting morphs with nothing to give in return. So here’s my idea, in order to make the community more involved and engaging, maybe we should set up a morph competition type thing. I don’t really know if there’d be any incentive out of it, other than a challenge. I’d think there’d be different rounds with different themes, or images voted on by spectators, I’m not really sure as the idea isn’t completely fleshed out. That’s why I thought to post this thread initially, to see if there was interest and possibly brainstorm this a bit more to get a solid concept. The only issue I can think of is there being a lack of people willing to participate, I know I would definitely want to give it a shot. Let me know what you all think, I’d love to hear your ideas!

I’m going to lock this thread because while we don’t have a specific rule about morphs, it does run into some issues.

The site is primarily focused on game content, and I don’t think morphs do anything to contribute to that. Art is of course important to games, but i think morph definitely fall under the ‘Stay On Topic’ section of the guidelines. FAQ - Weight Gaming

Perhaps more importantly, a morph-centric thread could very easily fall under the ‘Post Only Your Own Stuff’ guideline. FAQ - Weight Gaming You can morph your own content, sure, but it would mostly be a thread for people manipulating images of other people.