idea: mystery dungeon game

so, kind of had a dumb thought. a number of mystery dungeon games have a “belly” or food stat which slowly goes down as you explore

but what about an expansion game where instead, it goes up, gradually changing your character’s sprite/model and stats, and could be brought down using special items that you could randomly find or purchase

of course, all the regular mystery dungeon mechanics would apply. grid movement with turns, randomized maps, traps, unidentified gear and items, the works


Hell yeah! I love love LOVE the mystery dungeon games, and a weight gain version would be SWEET!

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IGN 10/10
Remaking childhoods right here.

I also assume you still get to make friends.

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What was neat about the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games was the Huge Apples which filled your belly completely and increased maximum size. Sadly it was only for the current dungeon you were exploring

I remember in Darkness the belly increase was permanent, but I think you could only use IN the dungeon… or was the max size increase only if you ate it OUT of one…? I can’t remember, it’s been so long.
In Gates to infinity I don’t even remember there BEING large apples(I haven’t played Super yet).


I played through Sky just a bit ago! Did some testing, and you can only eat food in dungeons. The belly increase only lasted in the dungeon and went back to normal after completion. I’ve played Super, that has apples, big apples, huge apples, golden apples, and perfect apples, the higher ones fill you up more

I did actually play gates to infinity (a god damn perfect game) and I don’t remember if their was a belly size or not (f)