Idea/Suggestion for Age Of Wonders 4 mod

I recently got age of wonders and it’s a pretty fun strategy game with a lot of customization options. but there’s one slider that, let’s say, interests me the most. which is the “physique” slider giving the option of how thick your race is, but I kind of wish there was more options (and given where I’m posting you can guess what those options are).

Now, I can’t mod in the slightest, but I wanted to put this game on the radar and also voice that if anyone does choose to take on this project there’s a lot of customization so clipping will probably be the biggest(heh) concern.


I’m considering buying this during the Steam Winter Sale along with Galactic Civilizations IV and some other games.

It had a special a while ago and I picked it up, oh man, I wish it had a fat mod, make my hero a fat AF evil Queen, rule the world, or my favorite current playthrough is a corrupt dragon queen with a gobo horse to do her biding and eat when she is displeased

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Is this game popular on here? I brought it and it seems like no-one is talking about it here. In addition to the existing toad, rat, cat, and mole options, there are now some paid expansions adding new furry character options such as a birdman, reptilian, goatman, and wolfman. Also the first expansion lets you play as a dragon lord of an empire.