Ideas for a fatty Darkest Dungeon custom class.

As a fan of darkest dungeon I’ve long since sought some kind of decent fat mod for it, with thicc hamlet skin being the only thing that begins to satisfy.

I’ve already got a concept in mind. The Metzgerin, an obese butcher lady, specializing in bleed, enemy movement, and sustain.

Since this IS a fetish mod, I have concerns about the sustain idea. My initial concept is that she’d use enemy corpses to apply a regen to her. The butcher cutting them up for snacks, basically. Would that be huge turnoff?

EIther way, she’d be themed around meat hooks and cleavers, and be a front/second row damage dealer.

What are your thoughts?

Edits/Added Thoughts.

A camp skill that produces free food, at the cost of her consuming more during camp by default, and 3 time.
Terrible movement ability (1 per round) and no movement abilities of her own. she’s a fat girl, after all.
Belly bump that’s a stun and knockback?
Her eating skill gives a chance of blight upon her, but she has an abnormally high resistance to blight, at the cost of bleed. “Prodigious size has no intrinsic merit, unless inordinate exsanguination be considered a virtue” - Ancestor


maybe instead she has a low accuracy move where she insta-kills a common enemy, restores her health to full, but for a few turns lowers her defense and speed

gulping them down in a sense

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Thinking on it, I’d like to elaborate on this idea.

IF she kill an enemy with it (can’t be a skeleton or anything actually inedible) she will gulp them down, gain the debuff, and a huge health boost. And also have a chance to cause stress to the party. Otherwise, it’s a chip-healing damage skill.


also good, sounds like a fun ability

Admittedly, I’m a bit turned off by eating eldritch blobs, undead, and other people.

Though the potential for fetish mods for DD does interest me.

Perhaps in addition to blight, there could also be a risk of disease? I can’t imagine consuming rabid dogs and giant spiders to be particularly kind to one’s long-term health, and having to weigh the short-term benefits of healing over a potential long-term downside sounds like it could make for an interesting and unique character.