Ideas for muscle growth.

So… We have weight gain, so why not try to make the opposite? That could really shake things up.

But for right now, I’m gonna try to just make buff resprites of the already existing weight classes. So thick/meaty, chubby/beefy, plump/ripped, fatty/hunky, blob/chunky.

Progress report:
9/25/21: Just finished “meaty”, gonna work on beefy on the 26th
9/26/21: Finished beefy

6/16/23: Yea this got forgotten, sorry. Feel free to do whatever with this idea, I’m obviously not doing it.


I’m a bit curious to see where this goes, keep us updated.

I will keep you updated, might take a few months bc I have never done resprites, but I got the stuff I need, I just lack the skill. Plus, it’s more of an idea and personal challenge.

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we’re all hobbyists here (as far as I know), quality is more important than quantity.

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