Ideas For Unwilling WG Game

Hi all! First time poster, but frequent browser. I’ll give a brief introduction: I’ve been writing smut and kink stuff for a fair few years now, and have been programming text adventures for a few weeks.

I’ve tried some of the games here and I love so many of them, but I’ve found it hard to find ones with the exact stuff I like AND in the way I like it. Clearly, I’m one fussy human. So I’ve decided to dive in and write one myself!

I’m part way through scripting one at the moment - a Twine game - but I wanted some advice as to where to go with it. I love the idea of unwilling expansion / weight gain, and the generally realistic dread that comes with it and the lack of control characters must feel.

So I’m presenting two options here, and whichever one people are most enthusiastic about: that’ll be my angle.

  1. A game set in an old house (if it ain’t broke, right?) where they very slowly gain weight as they move between rooms and try to find their way out (with multiple playthroughs with different types of expansion available and specific flavourtext)

  2. Another “if it ain’t broke” concept - taking the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory idea and running wild with it. The aim being to avoid various traps and escape in one piece, with temptations and bizarre events around every corner, lots of different shorter TFs and more various endings. I’ve seen a few of these knocking about, but I’d like to go a bit darker, a lot less willing, and make it more “escape room-y” than most I’ve seen.

So, hi! :smiley: I hope you like one of (or both of) those. There’s nothing stopping me from doing both, but I’d like to dive into one and get a test version of whichever is most favoured ASAP as my forray into this format.

Ideas, feedback, critiques, things I could add, questions - all welcome! I’m happy to talk about what I’ve coded so far, too.


Ooh, both good choices, thought if I had to pick one I would lean more towards the dark chocolate factory setting. I am interested to see what other people might pick though.

If you go with the house maybe perhaps have treats or things the protag enjoys that it’s nearly impossible for them to resist. Another idea could be that the heavier they get the less resistant they are against their gluttony.

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If you want an example of a rpg game with time-based changes. Check CattleCastle by Fungal Dragon, but beware it’s more about tf than Wg.

You could make 2 games based on these concepts, or so this hounds thinks so
But your choice, hell mix the 2 together and it could basically be a series of tour events where you must find one out of a few solutions and many decoy solutions through events in the tour while dealing with the side effects steadily affecting you and one other tour member, with potentially a togglable dark ending switch
In general one could compare to a series of escape rooms with 2 affected individuals who have a ‘timer’ each that can be accelerated and slowed down by figuring out solutions or worsening the problem due to getting an incorrect ‘solution’ like trying to craft a cure for blueberry inflation but incorrectly mixed the solution which instead of curing accelerates it, so on and so forth with the primary objective being to ‘survive’ and escape with the option to help your fellow tourgoer or let them ‘fail’, with several endings per room or more accurately chapter that depends on the amount of bloat the tourgoers have, the solution reached, the ‘friendship’ status between them and the tourguide, etc

RPGs are a dime a dozen and most I’ve seen attempted in this here community tend to flop more often than not, regardless of theme.

Here’s a take on this I’d like to see considered: a fusion of business sim and tower defence.

Premise is, you’re a wannabe Wonka hoping to make a name for yourself. As your empire grows, there’s an increasing temptation to make morally dubious decisions in the name of profit; addictive, fattening treats sell better and turn customers into more lucrative ‘consumers’.

Twist is that it leads sugar addicts and/or activists to invade the factory, leading to you making increasingly elaborate traps around your machinery to stop them. The interlopers then become the perfect guinea pigs, cue involuntary wg fun galore.

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I would love to see a game like that WG plus tower defense, but I’d also be very interested to see how a coin pusher game would be implemented to have weight gain elements in it.

if your planning on the ain’t broke approach, another good one is you play a MC whose been kidnapped by someone which can be for the following number of reasons:

  • Trying to create the ultimate drug to end world hunger but the drug they tested on you makes you gain weight like crazy giving the MC a number of days to figure out how to escape before they get too heavy to do so

  • Someone who has a personal kink or beef with the MC, to which the antagonist forces them to play a series games and or puzzles to escape perhaps competing against other people as you either watch them fail and become immobile / too fat to continue now at the whims of there kidnapper.