Ideas for WG-themed Kingdoms/Nations?

Am trying to create an entirely WG-themed world comprised of different nations/kingdoms/cultures that each have different social attitudes toward weight gain/expansion. Some ideas were a hedonistic paradise, a religious cult territory that worships gluttony, a puritanical society that views bellies like bare breasts or private parts in public, an authoritarian state that imprisons overweight girls due to a food/resource shortage, etc. Was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions?


first thing that comes to mind is a race of people where the healthy weight would be morbidly obese for most other races


Shlaraffenland, a country entirely run by feeding satisfaction back into a magical mechanism that sends out self-feeding food, surrounded by a wall made of cake.

Excercise-themed land where in truth everyone is powering a machine that creates food from energy, whenever they use threadmills or excercise bikes. This feeds the queen and/or king.

Burger-queen-dom (legally distinct), where all the sexy fast food mascot art goes to serve as guards. If you commit a crime, you get sent to their asylum, where those who are too interested in chubby people are sent to live out their fantasies. Feeding you.

Robotland, where you are treated as a Bio-trophy and the only way to leave is to spend at least a month there (and then still be mobile)

Amazonia, but basically all my current profile pic (muscle wendy)

Amazonia, but the opposite opinion on fat.

AnCap hellhole, where corporations are actively using brainwashing tech in ads to get people to be more consumerist.

Alien colony that was made to research why everything is so weirdly food/fat themed on the planet. They actively research all other kingdoms. Have australia-level wildlife, but alien and of course the venoms and stuff just fatten people.

Various accursed lands that just are like shlaraffenland, but gone wrong. None lethal, few safe. Instead of satisfaction, one has fullness, straining, burst clothes, all these things. Also, muscle mass, fitness, mobility…
Mobility would automatically fatten the victims and put them on an excercise regime, where they are allowed to get back mobility, only to then get fattened back up over and over.


Are you looking for expansion on the mentioned kingdoms you had in addition to new ones?
Also, I presume medieval time period or are you talking more Colonial era?

As for kingdoms.

Kingdom of Frankonia which is a warped take on good old feudalism with peasants tilling the fields for rich nobility/knights who, in turn, send their bounty to the king/queen who gorges themselves on the rewards ‘as is their right’ to maintain a ‘pleasantly plump’ physique as getting too big gets the nobles a bit restless about serving a hog instead of a king/queen.

Kingdom of Vikland, Ye-olde obligatory vikings that raid and plunder other lands for riches but take particular note of grabbing foodstuffs, skilled chefs, and rampaging through the local forests to claim game. See a warrior gaining weight as mark of dishonor/shame but see having loads of fattened concubines as a testament to their skill as a warrior and raider.

Morkland Alliance - More a bunch of loosely affiliated city-states than a true kingdom. Have a ruling ‘Council’ with an elected head from the city-states. Live in a mountainous land so growing food is tough but they make up for it by trading precious metals and minerals to their neighbors along with possible early blackpowder weaponry. Possibly also hire out parts of their military to others as mercenaries for extra income and food.

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More like dystopian/utopian future type stuff.

If that is the case then …

ServCo Autonomous Union: A Megacorp of that specialized in robotics, foodstuffs, and a little bit of Combat Automatons that went out of control and interpreted their commands of "Serving and protecting’ humans to an extreme degree. They now inhabit the old mega-city and factory that produces them, ‘caring’ for humans by forcefully feeding and protecting them in spite of whatever wishes the people themselves may have.

Krangian Flesh Sculptors, what can basically be described as a society of insane artists that have decide to use the human body as their canvas via tattoos and body modifications. Have turned to raiding and slaving to find more ‘canvases’ to work on and aren’t above forcefully fattening their captured ‘works’ to ensure they have more space to work with.


You could have a state located in a really, REALLY cold biome, like fuckin Antarctica or some shit, but they inexplicably have access to lots of resources, so they eat a lot to gain body mass to stay warm.

You could also have a zone where the populace has been infected by a flesh-eating parasite that doesn’t harm the host if they eat lots and lots of meat, essentially making them not-dead zombies.

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I tend to go (In terms of WG culture/kingdom) one where those who have a “Feedee Leaning Personalities”(Slothful, Gluttonous, etc.) are fed and protected by those who have “Feeder Leaning Personalities”(Diligent, Temperate, etc.) where having a blob under your care is seen as an Achievement to both parties, as you have kept food both consistent and the blob protected long enough for mobility to leave them. I personally tend towards the religious/magical end of things with these cultures(Sin energy being a valuable resource, the belief that all creatures are meant to end up immobile blobs in the end, using blobs as a mana pool, etc.) FeLP’s(or "the embraced as I call them) tend to treated like luxurious pet’s, while they have to listen to their masters they also stand some protection (Hence why it tends to be people who lean that way and would be ok with that status if it meant not having to work) while the FrLP’s (Embracer’s) tend to have more freedom’s due to their hardworking and temperate natures, at the cost of the social expectation of them tending to the embraced/having an embraced in their care. This is just my personal take on a culture, I just am tired of weight gain cultures that funnel into one Queen/ make the blob’s the dominants and so I created one (via RP’s) that has the blob’s as the subs, which is what i personally like.

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Depends on how sci-fi you want to get, but you could have a society of photosynthetic beings that worship the sun, so the more sunlight you absorb (which obviously makes you pack on the pounds) the more you’re considered to be in the gods favor.

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Well I wanted to make it realistic, but set in an ambiguous time period. What makes it utopian/dystopian would be the societal structure

Perhaps a nation while most of their general population sees WG as a sign of social status and personal pleasures among other things but in reality the government lies to the people so they can use it to keep the bulk of their people in check and under-control secretly making internal security super easy and not too docile