Idol manager mods?

So this isn’t really my project, but I’d like to raise awareness about this game and future modding possibilites:

Now, don’t get your hopes up, as far as I can tell there is no weight gain content in the game, but the developers have made available a modding tool and have plans to expand on it after the game’s full release (currently in beta, haven’t tried it out myself.)

As of right now, the modding tool allows for portrait modification as well as event creation. My only experience with modding is Stardiew Valley, so I don’t know shit, but this might have potential for relatively easy mods? There’s no weight stat, sadly, but people could get creative with the dance and sexy stats, perhaps.

I’ll be keeping an eye out once it releases.


Oh! Idol MANAGER! I thought Idolmaster was moddable!
Well, this looks cute! I certainly want to fatten THESE cuties up!~

Time to preform some necromancy on this post but I was digging around the modding tool and a notice that you can assign variables to individual idols during events, and use those variables as conditions for random events to spawn. This means it is possible to make a weight gain system if you wanted. I think the player would have to change the character’s outfits themselves (which is how the weight gain would have to be handled), but I think it is doable.


Got an event working. So far I’ve got an idea of how to do this. Apparently, random events and the little side stories only fire once per playthrough, and there isn’t a random outcome option for events. So I think the best way to do this is to make multiple copies of one event that are identical to the player, that all have different outcomes that lead to different events. This is to make up for the mentioned roadblocks written above. The player would have no idea which event chain they are on (at least at the start) doing it this way. I’ve started mapping out a flow chart for an event chain as a proof of concept.

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Forgive the spelling, but here’s a flow chart I have in mind for the first part of an event chain where everything goes exactly as the player plans. Obviously, I wouldn’t make all of them like that.