If I would to make a Patreon page..

If I would to make a Patreon page, would you guys supprt me?
I know I only made two games, but I would like to continue this journey and try a lot of different stuff.

Share your thoughts.

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Haven’t had a chance to check out your stuff yet but asking for money for your work is completely reasonable.

The one thing I will say is the way you set up your patreon matters. exclusive posts and BTS and access to builds earlier then the public release are kind of expected when people sub.

Patreon exclusive can be fine too which I get wanting to do imo it kinda shoots you in the foot if there’s no public build, every patreon I’ve subscribed to here was because I wanted to access the latest build and support the creator.

An itch.io version of the game people can buy after the game is done is also a good idea for the folks that dont like the patreon way.

Make a patreon, probably won’t start huge but put out good stuff and people will naturally gravitate to supporting you over time. Best of luck :grin: