If Physique Was Irrelevant...

There are several characters across various forms of media that I would be absolutely head-over-heels for, if I was less specific about my preferences (you know, the bit where I like them to be of a higher overall body mass than is commonly considered attractive?). I was wondering if anyone had any in mind that they’d like to share. I won’t just throw this out there without offering a few of my own, of course! Keep in mind that this can range among non-human races, though please avoid going too close to ferals; I’m not comfortable going that far.

To start, I have a few (human) characters from the MMORPG RuneScape: Kara-Meir, leader of the Godless; Ariane, one of the Signature Heroes; and Laniakea, the most recently-introduced Slayer Master.

Among the non-humans (I’m having a hard time thinking of any other series at the moment), there’s Nex, the Zaryte (Zaros’s proudest creation) and Moia, the half-Mahjarrat daughter of Lucien.

There are a few that I don’t necessarily find attractive, but other might, such as Commander Zilyana, Saradomin’s general in the God Wars Dungeon and a very powerful Icyene; Relomia, Sliske’s god Emissary (despite Sliske not being one himself…); Seren, the Crystal goddess, and leader of the Elves; and Vanescula Drakan, leader of the Vampyres and head of House Drakan.

Again, apologies for the focus on RuneScape, I’ve been playing it more than is healthy lately. Mostly to get my Max Cape back since Archaeology is a thing now.

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I honestly don’t know most, no wait… all of those lol. I’ve played Runescape, but not since it was still new, and not for too long.

My personally favorites are Tali’Zorah from Mass Effect (she’s so cute and god I love that accent), Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Daisy from Mario. There’s definitely more, but it’s still early for me I’m having a hard time remembering lol


A fellow Tali-mancer I see :wink:

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Tali is definitely one of my favorites from the Mass Effect series, especially after the bit with the Emergency Induction Port…Also: Daisy > Peach. I don’t know if that was implied, but I’ve always had a preference, myself, for characters (and real-world women, I suppose) with a disposition referred to as ‘tomboyish’ (I always liked Misty when I was a kid, for example). I’m not especially familiar with Assassin’s Creed, though…I’ll have to look Kassandra up.

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There are other sources I’ve seen characters from that I thought appropriate; there has been a lot of artwork of RWBY characters recently (surprisingly, I haven’t seen a single pic of Emerald, despite her own looks!) among others. Obviously, some things trend with the general public, but I was hoping there would be more responses, to add to the fire. Shame it’s been so quiet thus far, but maybe it’ll catch on…

OH! I almost forgot to mention. Hell, I did forget last time I was here! Something of a personal issue of mine, I suppose…Probably the only issue I have with the way they designed the Quarians is that they have to wear those suits 24/7 to stay alive, which means their faces are completely obscured. I know this might seem odd to some, but I need to be able to see someone’s face in order to really gauge whether I find her attractive or not. Another case where this comes up is (despite the fact that I never got especially into it) there was a character from…Durarara!!, I think it’s called (including the exclamation points), who’s kind of a modern interpretation/combination of the Dullahan (headless horseman) and the Grim Reaper, but female. She rides a motorcycle, has been decapitated (and was, at least at the beginning, trying to reclaim what was lost in that regard), and has a phantasmal-looking scythe. Also, the way she wears that jacket is just a hint too risqué for my liking, but hey…The thing I wanted to address-I’m not saying there’s a problem with it, but I was kinda weirded out when it came up-the guy she ends up befriending seems to think her more attractive minus the thing she used to have above her neck. Again, not trying to make an ass of myself and kink-shame, but I genuinely got a bit of a HUH?! moment when I saw that scene…Honestly? I don’t like comparing people and things, but for me it’s like a work of art: Missing a piece, the artwork is incomplete. I know aesthetics differ from person to person, so any differences of opinion are more than welcome-I’d be happy to open my mind, if possible! (Closed-mindedness is the enemy of polite society, as far as I can tell, and I know I have room to improve. That much I’ve learned so far.) Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure if I’m right, but I’m guessing this is about characters that would look good with the body types you like (most likely fat). I think Peach (especially in Smash Bros) would be awesome fat (I think there is a mod for it). Aerith is another character… Maybe Riddel from Chrono Cross. Videl from Dragon Ball Z. Rosalyn from Disgaea 2. Lulu Final Fantasy X. I’m not creative I guess since these are all characters with full body dresses except Videl. There are probably some guys I would put too, but I can’t remember.

You mean Peach in SSBU? I didn’t know there were mods (well, within that vein) for something like that, not to mention it’d make things interesting. I’d probably just stick to Practice Mode and just have Peach and Daisy (assuming, of course, that it extends to her. I know that may not be so, it’s just wishful thinking-not a realistic expectation). If you know where I can find the mod, or how to tap into it on the Switch, I’d love to grab it!

I do like Videl’s original design (I prefer women with long hair, a bit of a ‘femininity’ stereotype, as it were), and I know of Aerith and Tifa from FF7 (though it just occurred to me that you may mean, they’re alternate cosmetic overrides-calling them ‘skins’ is a little off-putting to me, especially since I’ve seen MIB) and that’s where my awareness ends.

I’ll do a bit of searching around the internet for the others, though.

I appreciate the input. It helps to open my mind, which I’ve taken to be very important of late. An open mind is a healthy mind, as far as I can tell, and a closed one…well, it’s unhealthy in other ways.

TTFN, as a certain imaginary tiger used to say!

It is a Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod. That game has many mod versions. The only mods I know about for Ultimate right now are stuff like messing with frame data and removing limits on aspects of the game such as playing with Giga Bowser. Although someone did make a concept video of Heavy from Team Fortress 2 which seemed to actually be a whole character modded in.

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Ah. Do you know where it can be found? I thought the Wii was disconnected from the web years back, unless you’re talking about wiring it up or something? I’m sorry, I’m kind of technologically-challenged for someone who grew up with these thigns.

I don’t think the Wii is 100% unable to connect to the Internet, but to get the mods working, you do not use the Wii itself, but instead load files from USB Drives and SD cards (I don’t know if you need both).

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Oh, awesome. Thanks for the tip. Not sure how much I can do, as limited as I am technologically, but hey. I’ll definitely look into it.

I’ve had a crush on the usual suspects, Kim Possible and Shego, the mechanic from FF XV and Yuffie and Tiffa. But hands down my favorite non plus sized fictitious female is Seras Victoria from Hellsing. Cute, timid, nervous but optimistic. Reserved but brutal.

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I liked KP originally, but her catchphrase killed the term ‘sitch’ for me permanently. Tifa is a long-time favorite of mine, too, and the mechanic, (fitting, considering she’s Cid’s granddaughter) is named Cindy-I saw an LP, doubt I’d enjoy the game myself. And I’ve seen Hellsing, but not Ultimate, unless you count the Abridged parody starring Takahata101 as Alucard. Seras does seem like a good choice. And has a sharp set of eyes.

I get it with Kim, but I was probably 12 at the time. I was young and foolish. Final Fantasy XV pretty good (though I still haven’t finished it). But comparing Hellsing to Ultimate is Fullmetal Alchemist to Brotherhood. Same story but I like Ultimate’s ending so much better. And on the subject, one of the hottest scenes I can think of in anime is Hellsing Ultimate, Seras on the roof of Hellsing castle dual wielding full-auto Harkonen MK.2 as an AA gun. Second best is Revy from Black Lagoon but too much crazy there.