If the KH Games Were Ported To PC...

Since the Switch ports of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 HD ReMix, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts 3 were announced three hours ago today, if they were ported to PC services like GOG and Steam in the future, I could imagine weight gain mods being made on this site involving characters of both genders, especially females like Kairi and Aqua.

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Em… This games has been released on PC in 30 of March this year… At least for Kingdom Hearts 3 people already made a lot of different modifications.

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Really speaks to the sort of market share Epic has that an entire series of games backed by both Square Enix and Disney barely register in the public consciousness when Epic’s store is the only place to buy them.


Bruh, like ColdsteelJ said, the entire KH franchise is on the Epic Games Store. You’re late.
You missed all the hubbub about the games being an EGS exclusive?

Yep, can confirm. Whole KH series is exclusively on Epic Games, for PC.