I'm getting sick of RPG's

Why are so many games on this forum rpg? Rpg’s were never fun in the first place (with the exception of Earthbound), there is just a whole load of them on this forum. Maybe more visual novels or text adventures? Maybe even a simulator will do?


Hey, man, everyone has different tastes. Though there are a lot of RPG’s, there are a few IF, VN’s, and Text Adventures available.

I am not one for RPG either, but you must appreciate that each author and creator put time and energy into their works. Perhaps create one yourself? That is what I am doing.


We’re not all writing RPG’s, although personally, I love them! As @anon82925365 says, we all have different tastes :slight_smile:


I think it’s mostly to do with accessability, since the RPG maker engine is quite simple for anyone to just pick up and start making a game with.


To echo a bit of what has already been said, everyone has their own tastes. To answer your question though I think the main reason may be RPG Maker (as @Tightfit also suggested while I was writing this) .

While I have never used it, but I know RPG Maker is quite a flexible and easy to use engine that comes packaged with a fair amount of assets that can be used right out of the box or modified for these types of games. This results in a fairly powerful engine with a lower barrier to entry that can allow an individual to create a fairly complex game easily.

Due to this lower barrier to entry this has caused wide adoption of the RPG Maker engine across the community which just further lowers the barrier to entry due to more resources now being available for that engine through the community itself.

Now in all fairness, there is actually quite a few VN and Text Adventures (or at least interactive fiction) out there as well and I would actually argue there is more Text Adventures/Interactive Fiction projects out there then RPGs. That being said all 3 of these are popular for the same reason, lower barrier to entry, but appeal to different devs.

For example Text Adventures and IFs appeal greatly to writers, VNs to artists, and RPGs (or at least games made in RPG Maker) appeal to those with a bit more technical knowledge.

Historically in Weight Gaming, much of our community is made up of those with writing and technical talent which is why you see a greater number of Text Adventures/Interactive Fiction & RPGs on the site.


@bruh1331 How is your visual novel text adventure simulator going? I haven’t seen any updates on it for some time

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I think it also has something to do with that everyone knows that RPG maker is a thing. if one of the engines that are made to be as simple to use as possible was as well known we would probably see a lot more simple games.

fetish games might also be a bit more suited for RPGs considering most “Waifu games” (that I know of at least) are RPGs. not sure why that would be though.

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I don’t think there are more RPG games here than any other kind; I’m sure there are far more twine and quest based ones. Personally, I like some, but not others, I find mashing the space bar to read the text a couple of lines at a time a little off-putting. But as has been mentioned RPGmaker gives you a good head start at generating a visually appealing game.

Some of it, I think, is also down to what developers have fond memories of.

Also, because these games can get complicated to play, with lots of nuance and hidden things, the threads are often bounced to the top of the forums with questions about how to do things. Start in projects and you’ll find lots of games that aren’t RPGs, but aren’t getting traffic.

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A lot of reasons, the one that’s you’ve already heard being RPG maker being accessible, but I believe it’s more than just ease of access.

First, it’s the closest to making a “traditional” game that most people can get. Things like text adventures and Visual Novels are lovely and maybe in practice might be easier to make then an RPG depending on who you ask, but they’re not what the common person would think of first when they think “Video game”. RPGs on the other hand have been popular with people in general for a long, long time. Given the options that the novice creator might have at their disposal RPG Maker is a very appealing choice.

Another thing is the easy translation of weight gain into RPG based game mechanics. Things like weight and how mobile you are can very easily be transferred over with RPG staples like stat numbers or status effects, plus a lot of creator’s are willing to share assets meaning you have a lot of visual tools you can work with that you likely wouldn’t have had while making a TA or VN.


Much though I love RPG’s, I’m not much of a fan of RPG maker. I did consider using it when i was looking into the engine for my own game, but (IMO), most of the games made in RPG maker look very samey. There’ll usually be some lovely static graphics for the storytelling, but the actual game is mostly blocky sprites running around blocky 2d backdrops. All looks a bit too cutesy for my taste. Then again, most Ren’py games usually look fairly samey too, so what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, RPG Maker is definitely a good starting point for everyone trying to “quickly” make any fetish game but I’m not going to lie when I say that I’m not the biggest fan of RPGs either.
Especially the fighting system or the free tile assets… (but I get the struggle, good art is hard to make!)


RPG Maker games are getting overdone, but they are also a very entry-level thing in terms of game design. In the future I would like to see people moving on from them, but for now it is a very good learning experience.


Go back to lurking if you’re just going to come on and be vile

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Good point. Everyone has to start somewhere :slight_smile:

I personally can’t stand VNs.
I like RPGs, but I’m not a fan of RPG Maker RPGs, since they’re all cookie-cutters of each other and don’t usually break the mold unless the dev goes all-out on the 3rd party plugins.
Text adventures are nice, but I’m not too sure why there aren’t that many devs for that. Maybe CoC and TiTS burned people out on them? IDK.


I mean, RPGMaker games are a bit more prevalent than I might like, but they’re not terrible. A lot of the ones I’ve encountered have awesome female WG elements. There’s the occasional moment when a character either gains in a way that’s not to my preference or is facing sideways/forward, so I can’t get a full glimpse of all that beauty.

If you’re looking for non-RPG’s around here, BewilderedAngel has a game called Eat The Dungeon! that’s being updated regularly (the heroes are all female, that’s kinda my schtick) where it starts with 4 characters, and they gain weight as they defeat enemies. Once they clear the floor, they get a multiplier to their gains based on a time bonus. After, you can drain one to convert her weight to points at a 1:1 ratio, and you can then increase their skills. Then you just delve back in. You can swap out the heroes after unlocking others by beating certain levels under a certain time limit. The Bard is amazing for her buff-giving abilities, just for the record.

For a visual novel, there’s one on deviantArt (I’ll share a link to the latest Journal entry by the group that it’s made by) called Growth Academy, where each of the girls (and the protagonist) is affected by (or, as some would say, afflicted with) a ‘Growth Factor’ that’ll influence her life. The school they attend is meant to prepare them for life with their particular Factor. For obvious reasons, I immediately focused on Alice Nikumaru, but the others are attractive for other reasons (I would never be interested in them, if only because their Factors have nothing to do with…y’know…), in particular, Akira Mizutani (whose Factor relates to muscle growth-not my thing, honestly, but the way she’s written makes her seem like the kind of person I would have the potential to love, even so). I’d check it out, but it’s still ongoing and Alice’s most recent “Core Event” (ones that pertain to that particular character) leaves you wanting more, and there’s nothing more to be had yet! So you might be better off waiting for the complete release. It’ll be a while yet, since they have to implement the writing and the artwork, plus the girls all grow as the story goes on. It shows, bigtime. And I love it so much.


Well sure my answer is not as constructive as you alls are but it says the same thing, RPG maker is a good base for a lot of people to start on when it comes to game making overall, now text-based games are probably even more simple in the start but can be taken to such a level of complicated like a long-running book sire, but don’t have anything visual so much more goes into describing things in the world, which you can do more easily in RPG maker, no need to describe a whole town when you can show it, and as RPG maker mostly already have a base town housing environment things one can focus more on things one wants to make in the game itself, and when someone starts creating something they often want a result Immediately something that brings their ide to life from the start, it might be a bit stiff and many others have used the same sprites but it still does the thing you wanted to do.

Now back to my sarcastic comment, as the title of this whole thing says " I’m getting sick of RPG’s" and then followed by @bruh1331 asking way one of the simpler ways of making a game ide come true is a big part of the games on this web site for hobby game creator,s and that people shude instead focused more on visual novels and simulator game like fuck that’s a pretty high demand from someone that I don’t see have made anything of that sort themself, so yes my comment was bitchy but I found this question a bit too ignorant to not comment on it in a similar way.

To their credit, yes more people probably could start on more text-based games, it’s a great way on working on world-building and from that, you can move on to visual things, even improve an old work with pictures later on mabby and have the level of description a good text-based game brings, now that would be awesome.

If nothing else, someone could write a story instead, maybe posting it on a forum for other fans with similar interests. I’ve seen some around the web, but not many fantasy-styled ones with, well, the obvious elements you’d be looking for if you were a regular around here, if you get what I mean. I can’t seem to find any good stories with an attractive ogress, for example. Considered doing it myself, but I scrapped it. I didn’t think the quality was good enough to really put out into the eternal void we know as the Internet.

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I personally am an RPG fanatic and have no problem with RPG Maker, but I can understand frustration with the wealth of RPG Maker games in niche communities and sometimes wonder why there isn’t a lot of frustration. Probably the best RPGs I played were instead using Java, Flash or an interactive fiction engine. But I think RPG Maker has a lot of room for innovation and people shouldn’t just use VX Ace or MV because that makes things more same-y.

RPG Maker to me, can work better than quite a few interactive fiction engines to make interactive fiction if you work toward it. You can also make a visual novel with a few extra functions using it. Using it more for basic text processing than intended gameplay is the main functionality I see in it. You can also use images to display text more effectively someteims as well. And unlike a normal visual novel engine, you don’t always have to make big art sizes in order to express things.

Also, instead of using the forced chibi sprites to walk around with, you can instead use symbols or markers to just focus on character position and then make images elsewhere to show who characters are. It might sound unappealing but a minimalistic interface looks surpisingly good in RPG Maker.

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