I'm interested in being recruited. Mainly I do daz3d renders. I do have some familiar with vscode/renpy/python.

I’m available. My renders: SexyFatGirlRenders User Profile | DeviantArt

I think I’d like to be on a team of people who want me to pop out some daz3d renders. Given the time availability I could probably do maybe ~2 full scenes, and/or a handful of backgrounds and/or a couple sprites in a dozen or so variations each. I have bad GUI design skills and nonexistent drawing skills.

I’m reasonably familiar with renpy and python. So if no teams are interested in me, and there’s a writer who wants to make a renpy vn… Me+writer could make a small game. Like I said though ideally I could add some daz3d renders to a project.

I don’t really have enough time to form my own design ideas and be in charge of people.

Reply to this thread or PM me.


I am a writer and have basic renpy skills, and I do enjoy Daz3D models. I’d probably be interested in discussing working with you.