Im Looking for Artists like these?

Im looking for artists like Dr-Worm/Lewdlemage, ClinkoClinko, Dr Black Jack, Maniacal Fork, Din0Bee, MetalForever, KipKipTei, and BucketsFA. Artists that mostly have fat or belly original characters, to be honest ive gotten bored with these artists and i know their allot but sometimes they mostly post artwork based on already made series. So if theirs any artists you know of that have an original character i might like, because the internet is big so i was thinking like their has to be something out their that i havent seen before?

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Idk, you can try this one: GoofSosiska - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

But if serious, sometimes there’s “Suggested Deviants” section in DA, that showcases authors you are not watching. You can try to search there.

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I just found this one