I'm making a WG anime series-Wanna help me?

I have created a Discord server when in adittion of having fun and making friends, we can bash our brain to create the first Weight Gain anime series!

Here’s the link: ChubCorp Studios

See ya there!


I’m sorry but that’s extremely unlikely to happen for several reasons.


To quote one of ASDF movies:

“I can dream, Harold!”


Despite how unlikely this sounds, as a writer I’m happy to contribute! And voice actor if needed lol.


This hound salutes you
I hope to see it
If you’re looking for story writing folk there are several on this site more specifically the guys making the VN games on here
They could help ‘flesh’ things out after their own projects if asked most likely
Do be warned your most likely going to need to find a good platform for it though maybe youtube or your own website could do it

There’s also the commuinity on deviantart you can reach out to


Holy Shit, Ambitious! Would definitely want to check this out if anything comes of it, even if it’s just a single episode.


best we can hope for is a plus sized elf adaptation, as unlikely as it may be. Its relatively high profile as far as these things go, and the reverse isekai angle will make it more marketable in addition to being waifu bait.

Still never gonna happen tho lol

Anime are almost always produced by a team of multiple animators, and finding a bunch of animators who work well enough together AND are into weight gain would be pretty hard. Not to mention the pay they would need, especially if you don’t want a single episode to take years to make.

While it would be a rad thing to see, I just don’t see anything coming out of this.


Interesting. Hope you get the right people to work with. Best of luck.

I think a Worthikids-length thing is feasible. Without being picked up by a studio somehow tho, stuff beyond that is unlikely. I can certainly think of ways to write a commercially-viable story with WG as a core feature but it wouldn’t be fetish-centric.

I hate to be the party pooper but…

Do you realize how much work this is? Do you have animators? Writers? Storyboard artists? Character designs? Voice actors? Editors? A budget at all?


everything starts somewhere, rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will this but mayhaps if this hound supposes if you see a problem mayhaps point them towards a solution
Pointing out a problem is crucial but so is pointing out avenues of solutions
but then that’s just the opinion of a loony fellow like me