I'm making an interactive WG story - anyone wanna submit their character? [CLOSED]

Hey, so
I’ve started making a interactive text adventure weight gain game.
If anyone would like their character to be in the story, or maybe suggest a piece of story, go ahead and give me your ideas here.

Here are the rules:

  • character will serve in a Navy ship (not modern navy, in the pirate times etc.)
  • they’ll explore an island later
  • it can be an animal (any kind)
  • normal being, no demi-gods or supernatural stuff (maybe a little bit)

Describe your character, how they dress, what they like, how they look, what are their traits

Credit will be given, of course :slight_smile:

edit: The project was too much for me. 1/4 of it is finished, but I doubt it would be any interesting. I will come to finish it one day though!


i suggest cat with a gun
he likes his gun
he dresses with holsters and bullets
he constantly talks about his gun
also he smells like lead and smoke


Name: Yukikaze Gender:Female Age:14
Height:142cm Weight:34KG
like: everything sweet or Nuts dislike:everything bitter
Story: She is a messenger on the boat and has become a member of the boat because of her luck and cute appearance, but she has gained a little weight because of her recent adventure with others.

She will follow the team as a scout when exploring with other crew members. She has excellent luck and can help her not trigger any traps (other than feeding). She doesn’t know how to use any guns or knives. She only has a dagger and a telescope.

Yukikaze is very naive, not good at deceiving others, but also easy to be deceived.
She likes small animals very much.

(Appearance reference from: Kancolle)


Thank you very much! I’ll include your character in the story :slight_smile:
Since I just started writing the story and I want it to have multiple endings, it might take some time to finish it, but I’ll try to make consistent updates.

Ok, I’m interested, but only if my character gets fat, ok? That’s my only request and I have art of them to show as well.

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Name: Adeline (Adel for short) Gender: Female Age: 23
Species: Fox Height: 5"2’ Weight: 53kg
Likes: eating meat, hunting for food Dislikes: getting scratched behind ears be crew members
story: joined the crew in for fun and adventure, serves in the crows nest and hunts for food and tresure

Name: Molly species: Rabbit Gender: Female Age:18
Weight:105 Height 4"10’
Likes: fast food and carrots, reading book, having alone time, and solving puzzle.
Dislike: raw or spoiled food, being in big crowds,talking for to long, and being disturbed while reading.
Backstory: she has a sad childhood her family died in a raid by pirates and was in a orphanage in her spare time she would read book and teach herself things that they teach you at school when she hit 18 she was old enough to go and look for a job she had no luck in finding one until she saw a paper about the navy needing a cook and map reader.

Description: she is wearing a skirt and blouse with big circle cloudy glasses that are very nerdy and can’t see without them. she has freckles and her fur is black on the head and legs and white on the chest,stomach, and foot area. she can use a short or medium sword and and can use a bow and arrow.she carries around a draw in map just to keep track of were the crew has been. she is the teams cook,puzzle solver,map carrier, and potion maker. she is a total bookworm and is smart but is clumsy and can accidentally active traps she can also get scared easily and can get flustered easily.

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Thanks! Your character will be included in the story. As I previously said, development will take some time and I’ll try to keep up with the updates.

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The story will have multiple outcomes. Your character will get fat in one, but stay normal in the other. I’m not sure about it though, I’ll try to post updates.

Amber Auburn
Height: 6"
Weight: 59kg
Orange Eyes
Age 18
Likes: Eating, fighting, girls, teasing, ADVENTURE
Dislikes: Hunger, lectures, males

Amber wears an Orange Tank Top, Snakeskin Vest, Green Boots, Black Shorts, Brown Belt, Green Nail Polish, Black Finger-less Gloves (Optional), Dundee Hat (Optional), Orange Arm Band (Optional).

Amber is a lesbian, she is Courageous and Bombastic. Amber loves to fight and finds pleasure embarrassing/teasing others.

I have permission from her original creator to put her in ANYTHING, so please if you will.
(I will insert a visual refrence of her look)

Here is Amber’s Source Material to help you out with her attitude, mannerisms and dialogue. (Take note that the Split Personality thing is resolved in the story, you only have to use Amber.)



Thanks for your submission! As I said before, making the story will take some time, but I’ll try to add updates!

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aw, closed? does it mean i missed my chance, or can i still submit?

I hope we can get the link when our character own line is ready, and if we not satisfy for the story can give you more suggestion to modify for close to our imagine

Am I too late to submit a character? ;w;

Sorry, submissions are closed. I have tons of work anyway with all these different character paths. I think I might do another topic in which I’ll add non-crew characters tho!

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It seems so, sorry! I’ll make another character submit topic in which non-crew characters will be added. The story is still in development, so I’m not sure if these characters will join you or be NPCs. Suggestions are welcome!