I'm planning to record gameplay from "SCUM" and share it. Anything you'd want to see from that game?

The survival game “SCUM” contains weight gain mechanic from eating unhealthy. This game seems a bit over complicated to be fun to play for it’s price. I’m planning to buy it on steam and then refund it, this means I have only 2 hours of playtime.

There does exist way to use commands to speed up the collection of food to help with the weight gain.

I’m planning to make a thin character and make it eat until I reach the max weight using commands to spawn food. I’ll see how hard it is to gain weight playing the game normally and finding the food while exploring, if it’s too slow I’ll spawn copies of the food I find to keep it similar as I would find food normally.

Do you have any request for what to include while recording the game? Any clothes for me to wear? Let me know, I’ll share the gameplay later.

This idea seems to me to be promising since the characters have jiggle physics in their butts which isn’t that common, also their movement is affected by their weight. The characters look pretty good at their top weight, they aren’t distorted.

Sadly I couldn’t really find any gameplay on youtube of someone playing a fat character. The most I found is someone making a heavy female character, but then quickly died from zombies. Since the extra weight is a negative trait, people don’t really choose to play heavy characters. This is the main reason for this whole idea.


I hope version 1.0 will be released soon and developers let us make mods for SCUM, because this maximum weight “chubby” models is not even close to how female beauty should look like.

Appreciate you going out and doing this! My request would be to quickly scroll through all the character creation options so thay we can see how in-depth it gets. I’d alsl request you use a female character. As for outfits, probably something revealing, but not full nudity so that it’d be easier to see the weight difference. And finally, perhaps a final before and after where we see the character move around at the lowest weight vs the highest with a front, back, left and right view. Good luck with the recording!

Planning on refunding before you even play is a bit uncool, dont you think? Unless the games a total scam, id feel bad for the devs.


I, as the owner of this game, bet that he will not be able to make a character fat for video recording in 2 hours.

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This game is currently 50% off on steam, for anyone who’s interested

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can someone post a screenshot of max weight for females?

I don’t think someone even can reach maximum weight there. The time in the game go 4 times faster then in real life. Even if you take thousands of calories you need to wait tons of time until character gain weight. No one has the patience to waste so much of their time.

once agility hits 1, you stop growing.
I’ve tried a lot of things with cheat engine and didnt get any more than that.
Not to mention that the metabolism rework went from realistic calorie based to some gamified system.

the playerstats are drawn from a locally run database.
so with a database editor you can change a couple things.
(DB Browser for SQLite)

What do you mean by “stop growing” when agility hits 1? Your character don’t gain fat after agility hits 1? It wouldn’t make sense from a realistic view. I can’t find “fat” stat in database to change it.

when agility hits 1, there might be fat in the numerical sense but the model wont change.
and there is no fat stat.
weight is derived from a multiplication of agility, dexterity and strength.

Anyway, I think you can see in this post how maximum fat slider looks like in this game: https://twitter.com/dedaPong/status/1545437486058508288

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Thanks for sharing! And honestly, that’s a pretty good fat model in my opinion

I would call it “a lazy chubby shape key without specific details created specifically to make outfits and animations fit easily”.

It looks better than the new Saints Row at least. For a non-fetish game it’s at least decent.

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