Image sizes for character stills?

I’ve been thinking about making some character assets for folk to use in there games or just as a placeholder for prototyping. Though I’m currently stuck on what image size I should make them. Sure smaller sizes could be scaled up but if they’re too small then it gets really pixely. Too large can have the reverse problem of scaling down compresses the image and makes it distorted.

I just want to hear what dimensions you folk would like to handle with your visual novels, character status screens, etc? Or am I just overthinking this and I should just pick a size and folk would have to work around it? I do know that it won’t be a “one size fits all”, but I’d like to aim for a “one size fits most” approach at least XP


I may not be quite qualified to answer this, as I haven’t been making games with assets like these, but I think they should be screen-sized if that makes any sense. As there probably won’t be much usage of these outside of games and VNs, there’s not much merit to going beyond about a thousand pixels in height. Given that you can’t possibly know whether the art is used in a full-screen VN or in a rather small windowed RPGM-game, I’d say you should rather stay on the larger side. Artifacts from size reduction aren’t usually as noticeable as those from enlarging an image.

I’ve seen an image height of 720 pixels being used across lots of VNs though, if you are looking for “the one size” to use


I’d say either HD (720p - 1280 x 720 pixels) or Full HD (1080p - 1920 x 1080 pixels).

You could go higher than this, but given that most games of this sort aren’t played on big screens, IMO anything higher than 1080 is a waste.

I use 1080 for all the images in my game. Just about any screen on the planet can handle this size.