Immobility and maybe class suggestions

Since I’v read that you are going to implement Immobility and assisting NPC(s), could you add something like a cart in which the NPC(s) carry your immobile character? This would be effected by the strength of the carriers, even getting the immobilized character into the cart would need strength to work.

I really love the idea of an immobile character, but none of the games I played featured real immobility.
Speaking of carrying I’d recommend an agile S&M-ish class that gets a strength boost at low HP and a health regen effect if carrying an immobile character.

My other suggestion is a cap at which the character cannot eat anymore. That cap would be increased as the capacity increases (like an invisible thing at roughly 60 to 80% of the character’s maximum) with the feeder class being be some sort of healer, shoving amounts of food in the victim until fully healed, therefore passing this limit.

Immobility is close to one of the last features I have planned just because I don’t deem it to be essential. And if I’m being honest, it’s not even my kink, it’s just something people have requested multiple times so I figured I should at least attempt it. So it’s really too early to say what immobility will even entail in my game, just that it will be there because it’s a popular request. I apologize for those who are really anticipating it; it’ll be some time before I can implement it and I DO want to make it good and not just half-assed so I appreciate suggestions like this.

I’ll be adding a cap for stomach capacity inside of combat events when the 3rd floor rolls around since slimes wouldn’t have a way to defeat you otherwise (they feed you their own bodies to attack you).