Imperial Fanfare and Greetings

Greetings. I’m quite the long-time lurker who finally decided to bite the bullet and join the site proper.

My name is Valyria, I have a slight obsession with being seen as royalty, and I enjoy weight gain and largeness, as well as related subjects and interests. My favorite color is red, I enjoy long waddles on the beach, and I love RPGs as well as MMOs.

I personally do game dev on the SFW side of things, but given proper motivation, I may attempt a proper weight gain game someday. It depends on what time and materials I have to work with.

It’s indeed a pleasure to meet you all~! :hearts:


Haha well we’re happy to have you here as a member empress! I look forward to seeing you around, your obsession is right up my alley lol. If you need anything let me know bows

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Welcome your highness, I am happy to have you grace our little community with your presences!

I look forward to seeing if you try to make a NSFW game, but even if you do not and have a SFW game you just want to show off feel free! It may not be our main focus but we support all types of game dev.

So with that, welcome to our little corner of the internet!