[Implemented] A hunger system

It seems escential for a game about eating to Incentivise eating in some way

Perhaps; I just figured most people will keep hunger at 0% to the point where it’d be a useless mechanic. If I do implement it, it’ll be when NPCs begin to play a bigger role in the game since hunger would dictate when they eat of their own accord instead of being forced to by you.

One way a hunger system could work would be there could be a hungry state in which you face some kind of debuff until you resolve it. An obvious way to do it would be to give it a similar speed penalty that being overweight gives now, since hungry people can be weakened by low blood sugar.

Another idea would be your hunger level could make you weaker against willpower checks where food is involved. These could include events like meeting a neutral or even good npc who offers you some tempting but very unhealthy food and the option to refuse requires a certain level of willpower which is sapped by hunger.

From a psychological game-experience-type perspective, I think people would get more enjoyment (and/or less annoyance) with a buff for being full or not-hungry, instead of a debuff when hungry: You’re giving them something instead of taking something away.
Ditto for fatigue, thirst, and other similar mechanics.

That said, I personally do like the idea of lower willpower vs gluttony checks. But then again, I generally play these kinds of games as if I’m doing something to the avatar, instead of playing as the avatar with stuff happening to “me”.

I think it’d be nice if that hunger system helped lose weight, ie you eat nothing for x amount of hours then you’ll lose x amount of weight.

Mhm, that’s how it’s gonna work. I haven’t ironed out the details fully but I’m thinking it’s gonna be a hunger bar from 0-200% and from 0-10% you will have the Hungry status effect and if you go beyond 100% you will have the Stuffed status effect. The hungry status effect will cause passive weight loss and 10% decreases to every stat while the stuffed status effect will cause 10% decreases towards the Agility, Willpower, and Dexterity stats.